Nektar Honey Crystals: Born in Hoboken!

Nektar Naturals teams Up With Garden of Eden for a Day of Fun

Nektar Honey Crystals1 - Nektar Honey Crystals: Born in Hoboken!Nice to see local Hoboken businesses thrive!

This past summer, some of you may have read about the unique food company started by Hoboken resident Jeremy Edelman called Nektar Naturals. Their flagship product, Nektar Honey Crystals, is a 100% all natural granulated honey sweetener in convenient packets. Nektar Honey Crystals have all the benefits of traditional honey, but without the sticky mess!

This Sunday, April 1st, from 12pm to 5pm, Nektar Naturals will be at Garden of Eden (226 Washington St.) handing out samples and giving away $25 Garden of Eden gift cards in a special drawing. Grab some friends and head over to Garden of Eden to sample some of the delicious foods that will be provided that were sweetened with the 100% all natural Nektar Honey Crystals.

During the day, there will also be a limited time price promotion on Nektar Honey Crystals and a special gift-with-purchase offer. Nektar Naturals will also be providing free recipe cards that utilize the delicious Nektar Honey Crystals flavor. Make sure to stop in and check out the special event!

Foodies from all walks of life can enjoy Nektar Honey Crystals. You can add them to your hot tea, lemonade, or sprinkle them on top of oatmeal or yogurt. Try them with your favorite marinades, or baked on top of meats and poultry. Since Nektar Honey Crystals are easy to measure, substituting them for sugar while baking is “as easy as pie.”

For Two Hoboken Entrepreneurs, Business Is Sweet


When longtime Hoboken resident Jeremy Edelman visited Ann Arbor, Michigan, on his quest to attend business school, his life would never be the same. It was there that he first discovered what would soon become a new business venture in which aspirations of business school would have to be put on hold.

Soon after returning to Hoboken, Jeremy took his years of experience in developing consumer products and asked his close friend and former Hoboken resident, Jaime Cosloy to join him in forming a food company called Nektar Naturals.

Together they have built a brand called Nektar Honey Crystals.

Jeremy Edelman and Jaime Cosloy show off Nektar Honey Crystals - Nektar Honey Crystals: Born in Hoboken!

While they knew honey is already the tastiest and most natural way to sweeten beverages and foods, it can often be a sticky mess and inconvenient. Jeremy and Jaime took the good work of Mother Nature and simply removed the water to create Nektar Honey Crystals. The end result is a delicious natural granulated honey sweetener that is easy to store, easy to pour, and easy to measure all without the sticky mess of liquid honey!

One packet of Nektar Honey Crystals has the same sweetness as one teaspoon of liquid honey and are sold in a 30 count resealable box. You can add them to your favorite hot or cold beverages (such as tea or lemonade) or sprinkle them on top of hot or cold cereals. They taste great on top of toast, used as a sugar substitute in baking, or cooked on your favorite meats or poultry as a rub or marinade. The possibilities are endless!

Nektar Honey Crystals now available in Hoboken!

Nektar Honey Crystals - Nektar Honey Crystals: Born in Hoboken!For the first time, Nektar Honey Crystals are available for sale at Basic Foods (204 Washington Street).

Make sure to stop by Basic Foods this week to pick up a box and help support Jeremy and Jaime in their “sweet” new business.

For more information about Nektar Honey Crystals, please visit or email Jeremy and Jaime at

Congratulations and good luck to Jeremy & Jaime on their business endeavor!

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