Fire 4th & Bloomfield

A couple nearby readers caught this early morning fire on Bloomfield between 4th & 5th streets.

Art and Dennis sent the pics, Dan provided the minute by minute transcript. Good example of communication in our city.


4:20 am – Heavy smoke at 4th and Wash. with the smell of burning wood and plastic

4:21 am – fire units and PD respond to a fire on what seems to be the top floor of 416-18 Bloomfield, seems to be in both buildings


4:25 – PD reports live wires down in street. Mutual aid is being called (not to the fire scene, but to stage in the 14th Street firehouse in case needed).

4:26 – Report that 416 is filled with heavy smoke, but that there is no actual fire in that building. The fire is completely in 418 Bloomfield on the upper floors, and FD is working to suppress, knocking out skylights and cutting holes.

4:30 – PSE&G is en route to cut power in the area to prevent electrocutions from live wires down in street; all people on the street are being moved off the block behind the fire trucks.

– North Hudson Regional Fire arrives – seems to be some sort of command staff.

4:40 – Truck 7 from North Hudson Regional Fire arrives.

4:42 – FD reports that main body of fire in 418 Bloomfield has been knocked down. The fire seems to have originated on the 2nd floor.
They are continuing to hit hot spots.

4:45 – fire is under control; apparently no major injuries that.
Overheard that the building was empty as it was under construction. A quick web search shows that at least 2 units in the building were recently sold: #1 for $629,000 and #3 for $529,000. I am guessing #2 is where the fire was (2nd floor).


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Tama Murden

My understanding (accurate or not), is that this property had recent electrical/plumbing upgrades, in prep. for further renovation. And that the inspection for that stage of construction, was all in order.

So what was happening there, in the wee-hours, to create this kind of devastation?? Curious to know the HFD’s investigation results….

Not to seem inflammatory (apologies, truly, for the bad pun), but I’ve been here long enough to see electrical contractors blowing off requirements, including plugging old gas lines with bars of Irish Spring! (No SH*T!) For those of us old enough, reminds me (forgive the gallows humor) of old Sat. Night Live episodes, e.g. “Irish Thing.”
And I don’t mean this to suggest local libel, esp. related to this fire….

I just want to know what really caused this tragedy.


Want to hear something even more crazy?? I moved out of 420 Bloom the evening of May 28. Is that just scary timing or what?! 😯


In many older hoboken houses there is some some knob and tube wiring, very scary. Also many places use 2 wire circuits which means NO GROUND also scary , so if a electrican quotes you a high price theres a good reason. I was a electrican for a long time and i stood far away from house jobs and for the simple reason that people think that they are being screwed when handed either an estimate or a bill. But if you don’t disturb the wire chances are you’ll have no problems. And don’t put pennys behind the fuses in older homes


[quote comment=”28407″]Maybe after the Feds frog walk Al Arezzo off to his new home we’ll be able to hire a decent person (we only pay 109K, plus benefits and a pension!!!).

I can’t tell you how many horror stories I’ve heard about this guy.[/quote]

This guy is the definition of asshole… I don’t know how he is still under the employ of the city… Talk about ego and power trip – this guy is king of it all! I certainly hope the investigations turn up something to indict him on…

[quote comment=”28410″]the wiring in my building has cloth insulation as well.

There is nothing wrong with the wiring with the cloth insulation, as long as it is not frayed… Granted, if you are doing new work, it is best to replace it, but most of the cloth wrapped wiring (actually a product of the 1940s until about 1960) is still in functional condition… The problem is when the old wiring is of too small a gauge to handle the higher power consumption of modern appliances… When a bad electrician overfuses the wiring, it gets too hot and that is what often causes fires…


[quote comment=”28410″]the wiring in my building has cloth insulation as well.

Look on the bright side, maybe it’s fire retardant asbestos cloth.