Home Made Pizza Reviewed

How is HomeMade Pizza in Hoboken?

For starters – I treated myself to a Breville “Smart Oven” 1800-watt convection toaster oven this year. I have to say, it’s one of the best “cooking” contraptions I’ve purchased. Cooks fast, evenly and is extremely well made. It’s so fast, it’s nearly microwave speed – but with crunch and real heat – not jiggling molecules and radiation. Recommended for any apartment in Hoboken.

With that gleaming product spotlight out of the way – I wanted to try baking a pie from the new HomeMade Pizza Co. (213 Washington St.) in my wonder device.

Baking fresh pizza sounds simple, but it’s a bit more than you think

The ordering process at HomeMade Pizza Co. is simple. Pick your size, the ingredients, and pay. They’ll even give you a clear bag to carry your concoction home (so much for privacy – everyone was nosy and looked in my bag. You should be able to opt-out, and get a opaque bag or even – gasp! A pizza box?)

You pre-heat your oven – and begin the “unwrapping” process. Be advised, that this isn’t like a frozen pizza, where you just pop it in the oven.

The pizza is raw. And floppy. They advise against putting it on a cookie sheet, but rather provide you with some of that parchment paper to cook it on. Very difficult to manage, and you need to utilize the cardboard disc they give you in order to “slide” this paper/pizza arrangement into the oven. Takes steady hands.

Now the Breville convection oven cooks 12″ pizzas just fine. Just not very easy with the flailing paper in the way. Was a relatively un-fulfilling task. So it’s likely that you’re better off with a smaller pie, or a regular oven.

I put the pizza on the center rack, and as it was cooking, the raw pizza began resembling a pretty tasty looking pie. My ingredients were smoked bacon, onion, jalapeno and cilantro. As the pie neared completion, excitement built and my mouth was watering.

However, I made the mistake of cooking on the center rack. The top of the pie was wonderful. The bottom? Undercooked and not browned at all. It is what it is. Cool. Cut. And prepare to eat.

First verdict on taste & overall experience

I ate the whole damn thing (because it was both breakfast & lunch – I’m allowed). The pizza was “OK” at best. Partially because of the learning curve. But the flavor, while edible and satisfying enough, left a bit to be desired. All you’ll be thinking is “nothing beats a pie from a real pizzeria.” And you’ll ask yourself if it’s worth another try.


  • A unique experience. Might be fun for families & kids. Better than Facebook and Xbox.
  • Order to your liking.
  • Fresh ingredients.


  • Expensive. My pie was close to $15. A similar frozen pie is about 1/3rd that cost.
  • A bit of a hassle. Parchment paper, shrink-wrap, floppy dough and cardboard don’t necessarily bring enjoyment to my life.
  • Lacking oomph. Uninspired flavor.

Still to be determined:

  • A second try armed with knowledge learned from the first try (better oven arrangement, smaller pizza).
  • More traditional ingredients (pepperoni, like normal people eat?)

But wait, there is one surprise bonus: Ice Cream!

As I was checking out – I asked the cashier about this ice cream cooler they had in the back. Apparently, the ice cream is made for HomeMade Pizza Co., and the recipe is some kind of super-double-secret. She gave me a “seasonal” flavor at no charge: Chocolate Cherry Swirl. WOW. That is some excellent ice cream – and WILL DEFINITELY be back to try that more than once to see if it’s the real deal.

Has anyone fallen in love with HomeMade Pizza Co.? If so, why?

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First time I went, I found it expensive for an OK pizza (white crust), half of which fell into the oven as I tried to take it out.

I’ve now been back many times and can suggest the following:
-Great $3 salads Mon-Wed
-Small wheat pizzas (“cutie pies”), which include a free topping
-Their loyalty card (buy ten, get one free)
-A very sweet, caring staff

I’m actually a huge fan now and go 1-2 times a week. Once you get into a groove of what to order, you can do so pretty cost effectively, and it’s an enjoyable experience.

But the first time may be rough.


my husband tried making a whole wheat crust on his own. He has yet to find a recipe that he likes.


I do not understand this concept. Why can’t you go to shop Rite and buy the same stuff and make your own pizza for half the price? Ok, the packaging is not as nice and it might be a little more work, but seems just as effective. Put this place on the doomed list, I give it 6-8 months.


Hassle Made Pizza Co. should be their new name, at least there won’t be any confusion. It’s not bad pizza, but not markedly better than frozen in my opinion. Over-priced and not worth it. How they’ve stayed afloat in the other locations is a mystery to me. Good marketing I suspect.


Its pretty good but I can get just-as-good if not better tasting pizza, without the hassle.