Seoul Food Lunch Truck hits Hoboken

Seoul Food: Hoboken’s biggest, baddest, “bestest” lunch truck ever!

We interrupt this ordinary Hoboken day with extraordinary culinary news!

Run, don’t walk to Seoul Food!

Open for just about a month – the Seoul Food lunch truck should be a must-try dining venue for every Hoboken man, woman and child.

For one, it’s the largest, cleanest and most fully-functioning “mobile kitchen” I’ve ever seen. It’s truly bigger than some apartments in town. A well run, neatly organized food truck is a very good sign – before you even know what’s on the menu. Like a 5-star restaurant on wheels.

And since Hoboken has no Korean or Vietnamese restaurant anywhere – it’s a welcome and refreshing addition to the eating choices in town.

I tried it today – and it was so good, that I didn’t even have time to photograph the food. You know when something is so tasty you almost choke to death eating it? Yeah, that good. My favorite fries in town now as well!

You can decide for yourself – however, I’d be willing to bet that most customers will undoubtedly be back for seconds.

PS – you can get free stuff if you follow Seoul Food on Twitter – and Like them on Facebook.

Their phone number is (212)612-3070 – and they say the deliver too – but I forgot to ask for specifics, sorry!


Seoul Food is Hoboken’s Newest lunch truck


The latest member of the Hoboken Lunch Truck Brigade is Seoul Food. They’re based out of NYC, but are targeting Jersey City and Hoboken with their lunch truck. They were in downtown Hoboken by the water last night (W Hotel area).

You can follow the Seoul Food Twitter feed here.

Photos and review coming later.

Seoul Food Truck Hoboken NJ lunch truck

Desciption: Lunch Truck
Address: Wherever they don’t get harassed

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Friday, September 16, 2011 9:24 am

Wings. Their wings are terrific, although a little on the pricey side. Get a mixed bucket of soy garlic and sweet/sour and you’re all set. Other things on their menu – like their Bi Bim Bap – are decent, but don’t fare so well during delivery.

Seoul Truck rocks.

Thursday, September 15, 2011 7:42 pm

Nice clean truck and highly responsive service. The buns in particular are fantastic: if you enjoy steamed pork buns, you’ll like these a lot. Very creative options, too. Tacos are good, the burritos are solid. Bi Bim Bap and their bulgogi is average, but considering the only other place to go for that in town is Chicken Factory, the convenience factor weighs heavy. Always happy to see them in front of our building when I’m heading home.

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