Reporter Roundup – 5/28/2007

suggestion box shredder - Reporter Roundup - 5/28/2007Continuing the ongoing series, here are a couple highlights from the 5/27/2007 and 5/20/2007 editions of our local paper, The Hoboken Reporter.

Missed last weeks edition, because many of the UPTOWN papers are being stolen, thrown away or not delivered. I’m sure the paying advertisers will be happy to know that less than 20% of the 17,000 papers “delivered” in Hoboken are even being read, if that. I ended up getting a copy from the newsstand a few days later (where most papers are thrown out anyway).

VOLUNTEERS WANTED! You read the paper? Have some comments on it? Email me if you’re interested in being a “guest reviewer” for some upcoming editions of the paper. I’m sure some readers will appreciate a fresh perspective. I can be a little unforgiving and a complete bore at times.

For the last two weeks:

Cover Stories

  • HVAC disconnect: A botched schedule results in unacceptable lead time for medical call. Finger pointing ensues.
  • “Feather in the cap”: Mayor Roberts uses a flamboyant phrase to describe our “International Film Festival”
  • Southwest Redevelopment: (from last week) I found the terms “stalls” and “forcing” to be negative, sending a message to readers that the Hoboken Reporter supports the SW plan as-is, and isn’t in agreement with those that call for more studies and better planning.
  • Iron Gates not allowed: The city would rather have nice looking, but poorer merchants on Washington Street.


  • Help with 20 city projects: Did anyone find this story to be absolutely ridiculous? It doesn’t say a lot about the capabilities of our paid civil servants. For starters, don’t you think that when you propose a “plan” (such as Sybil’s cave, a movie theater, parks, and infrastructure improvements), that you have already mapped out a set of strategic objectives, and how you will accomplish them? Or as many of the readers have already pointed out, our politician are good with coming up with proposals that “sound good on paper” and “get votes”, but probably never even had any intention of completing them. Now that political pressure is in place, they’re forced to do something. Brilliant.
  • Bitch-slapping: Didn’t really cover this story of Senator Bernard Kenny slapping councilman Michael Russo. Just didn’t feel it was newsworthy. A fist fight would have been better.
  • School board tension? Or now things are getting done correctly?: The school board president Minutillo takes the bull by the horn, upsetting veteran members. Why do you think they were upset?
  • Hal Wastes his wages: While I found his comedic viewpoint on the recent “poop-tastic” drama being created by irresponsible dog-owners somewhat witty, and not to be taken seriously, I found his proposal to have a serious flaw. What would prevent people from just taking the dog crap they already pick up and bringing it to city hall for cash?
  • Reporter vacation photo contest: Not sure what prizes they’re giving away, but the Reporter is having a contest where you bring the paper on vacation and send in your photos reading it. 411’s contest: Submit your PHOTOSHOPPED version of the wackiest situation involving a Hoboken Reporter. I’ll think up some prizes too.
  • Mind-numbing political ads: Many ads, as always. However, for the 4th ward, I didn’t see any from the Zimmer campaign this week, just Campos.

Letters to the Editor

In brief…

  • Tons of political letters again both weeks.
  • A concerned citizen is upset over the lack of police presence uptown, especially since the huge increase in recent burglaries.
  • Lastly, a Hoboken411 reader pointed out that the “Church of God of Prophecy” was politically endorsing Chris Campos, which is a blatant violation of the law, and may strip them of their tax-exempt status.

That’s it for this Holiday weekend.

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I’m sorry, the law is the law. They don’t issue special ones for Campos or Zimmer supporters, or churches serving poor congregations.

Tama Murden

Good g-d! This smacks of classic Hudson Co. politics. Identify a constituency group, get an operative to write a letter, and get someone in that group to sign it. Isn’t it obvious, for years, that many of the Reporter letters endorsing candidates, are not written by the signers?

While I wholeheartedly agree about non-profit status impacting the right to make political endorsements, I might imagine this congregation offers spiritual solace (whether I agree w/the dogma or not), to an otherwise marginalized population in town. (And apologies if this sounds matronizing.) I would wish for that to not be sacrificed b/c one parishioner had very bad judgment. Ditto, if the bad judgment came from the congregation’s spiritual leaders, who may have identified a hapless letter-signer. I’d want them ousted, w/the parish maintained, under new, more ethical leadership.



I agree that the church’s political endorsement should disqualify them from being a tax abated entity.

The IRS has enough people to take them to court.

I didnt declare $12.83 in income on a checking account on my 2005 and the sent me a letter. 😳


[quote comment=”29097″]The church should probably issue a clarification letter to the Hoboken Reporter, if only to minimize the risk to their tax-exempt status as a 501c(3) organization. In recent years, the Internal Revenue Service has increased their scrutiny of non-profits who are connected to politics. It would be a shame for a decent church to run into that trouble. It also bites the congregation members who may lose an itemized deduction for the contributions they make, if the church is disqualified.

A clarification letter would probably be an asset in the event of such an investigation.[/quote]

I am sure the IRS is too busy with the 2 last prez elections then to look into hoboken.

I am sure some “others” might have control on to the going on’s in hoboken right now– damn where is good social club when you need one….anyone care to start one?


[quote comment=”29084″]Pehaps the Church should issue a retraction.[/quote]

westy, I love your posts, but don’t put your head in the sand. The “church” thinks they are above and beyond everyone, despite the fact that this country was founded on church and seperation of government. Look what happened when the last, and the current prez was voted in–SAD!!!! but is is a reality, it can be changed on vote at a time!!!