Hoboken Week in Review – 6/03/2007

Another rather slow week in Hoboken! The calm before the political storm called “the council run-off elections” on June 12th. Stay tuned for the Reporter Roundup tomorrow to hear about the mudslinging happening in the 4th Ward.

Here are some brief highlights from the entries of the past week.

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hoboken week in review - Hoboken Week in Review - 6/03/2007

News, items of importance:

  • Will we get more flooding? – Hard to tell now, but there’s a chance we could get walloped if the storm scores a direct hit on Hoboken.
  • BOOM! – Unannounced “Tactical Training” gives nearby residents anxiety.
  • Fight! – Juveniles fight, smash cars, and cut each other near 10 Church Towers. Ah, the quality of life in Hoboken!
  • Voting this Tuesday? – If you’re at all interested in the Hudson County Primary elections read this report and the second part here.
  • Sold! – Over-priced rental tower sells their entire business to another multi-billion dollar conglomerate.
  • Burn! – Early AM fire guts a home on 4th and Bloomfield.

Town Government:

  • Signs of the Times – Campaign posters pepper our field of vision and block the beautiful ads on bus stops. I guess they forgot what they were bitching about last month.
  • Got Rubber? – One reader suggests rubber sidewalks would be perfect for Hoboken.
  • Bad Van! – Another reader points out how an illegally parked HFD van blocked the crosswalk for many days!


  • Hob-Flix – “International Film Festival” continues through the 7th.
  • Pentecost Festival – Tents, stuff for sale and kiddie stuff today over at OLG Church.
  • Not a secret anymore – Hoboken’s annual “Secret Garden” tour is today.
  • Crafty – Spring Craft Fair over at the Historical Museum, through June.

New, Updated or Coming Soon:

Leaving Town:

  • Cashing out – Discount clothing store “Fowad” has a giant “for rent” sign in the window.


  • Lua – An enjoyable and affordable Sunday Brunch at the very popular riverside restaurant with striking NYC views.

Fun, Games and Miscellaneous stuff:

  • Not much fun this week. Boo.

Notable incidents, crimes, fires:

  • Whatcha gonna do? – Another police training exercise perplexes and worries residents.

Recent Town Incidents:

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sahwestyhonchomanoloRed Haven Recent comment authors
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Every dollar now accepted by HCDO from lawyers, developers, consultants and every other hack in Hudson County is now a dollar in Carol’s hands. Yes indeed she has a lot of explaining to do about how that money was/is used and for what. Wake up, people! You make it sound like she’s signed on with Mother Teresa or something. “Hard work and long hours” mean nothing with this bunch.


[quote comment=”29244″]You don’t get on an HCDO ticket without making deals Beejay.[/quote]

Actually you don’t get on any ticket witout making deals.

There could be no bigger HCDO/ Roberts supporter than Rubin Ramos and he made a deal to be on Brian Stack ticket.

There could be no bigger HCDO/Roberts supporter than Christopher Campos and he made a deal to be on Brian Stacks ticket.

Ditto Nino Giacci, Peter Cammarano, even the Russo’s played let’s make a deal with Brian Stackfor their own advancement.

The people behind all the problems in Hoboken have all moved to support Brian Stack. Yet some would like to shut their eyes and minds and give them a pass.

Again you have to wonder the motivation behind that kind of thinking.


You can’t spell “dealmaking” without Hudson County Democratic Organization!

and you can’t spell “sellout” without Carol Marsh

I can’t wait to see Carol endorse Brian and Reuben in September!!!! Hudson County United here we come!!!!
The successor to Hoboken United!!!! Ha! Ha!

Chop! CHop!



Carol deserves your vote just for all the hard work and long hours she put in to stop the sale of 1600 Park Ave.

Give your vote to Carol Marsh, she really deserves it for all her hard work in the past 7 years. If you don’t like the rest of the players write in someone you do.

Giving your vote to Ruben Ramos is a terrible injustice to HOBOKEN! 👿

Red Haven
Red Haven

I am not trying to dissuade you Beejay. Simply explaining why I won’t be doing it myself. I wish you and Carol all the best. Like I said, I am not angry about what she is doing. I am sad about it.