Applegate Farm 50% off – not in Hoboken

Deal of the Day from Applegate Farm – sort of

Several Hoboken residents expressed their satisfaction about Applegate Farm Ice Cream – and how they were thrilled that they made the Mile Square City one of their locations.

And today’s deal of the day is 50% off Applegate Farm Homemade Ice Cream ($10 to spend for only $5).

** However, this deal does not include the Hoboken location! Only the locations in East Hanover, Freehold, Summit and Upper Montclair!

That could mean several different things:

  1. Those locations are suffering
  2. Hoboken is not suffering
  3. Hoboken is suffering, but the rent is too damn high for this “only good for the consumer” deal!
  4. Those franchise locations are not affiliated, and the didn’t coordinate their marketing efforts properly…

Why do you think they left Hoboken out?

Applegate Farm Ice Cream Coupon - Applegate Farm 50% off - not in Hoboken

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Thursday, August 11, 2011 9:07 am

They have buy one get one free coupons on their website. Problem solved.

Thursday, August 11, 2011 6:49 am

Well said Hobo. Despite uptown’s need for the market, I don’t know if this place will survive longterm.

Thursday, August 11, 2011 12:13 am

Hoboken location may not be suffering now b/c its so new and there’s no competition uptown. However, this location is not set up to be customer friendly and may suffer in the long run. You enter where you pay and have to make a loop around that is awkward and does not offer you a visual of the flavors. By the time you see the flavors (b/c they weren’t posted on any signs/wall, only in the cases) you end up missing some or feeling rushed to order b/c of the weird line and the employees rushing. The ice cream was good, but not $8 good for an average size plain 1 scoop cup and a plain 2 scoop cone. Cold Stone maybe expensive, but you get some extra mixed in with your ice cream and the serving size is above average. Definitely would like to see Applegate Farm succeed, but it may be tough. Hoboken is definitely missing that ma/pa homemade ice cream shoppe…

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