Feline Obsession

“In the zone” for Hoboken Cats

If I had to pick one of my favorite aspects of running Hoboken411.com – it’s the photography.

I sometimes think that my eyeballs have been secretly replaced with camera lenses. You should see the immense collection of images from Hoboken and beyond I’ve amassed, a bit overwhelming at this point to catalog.

However, I do find some time to pick one from the litter, and today I share this shot I happened to fancy. I took it the other day near Maxwell Place – which has a lot of Feral Cats milling around up there, and the Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar can smell them from blocks away. I can sense that he’s anticipating this scene before I see what he sees. In this case, a grey tabby cat (with a cute kitten which hid before I grabbed the digcam), was minding it’s own business – but Oscar was staring and barking until I pulled him away.

The cat actually SAID SOMETHING to Oscar that day!

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Oh, man. I bet kitty had something to say to Oscar. But he still has really cute ears!