Explosion in Jersey City

WFMU Station Manager Ken reported some explosive drama near the Hyatt Hotel in Jersey City. It’s also near a PATH stop as well.

“There was an explosion and underground fire in Jersey City, near the Hyatt Hotel. I heard the explosions, we lost power five times in 15 seconds, a car as on fire down there and manhole covers flew off all around the hotel area.”

If anyone was in the area or works nearby, please let us know what you’ve seen!


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ah, now it makes sense that when I got home yesterday the lights were flickering and my ac’s were off. I thought a fuse blew in my place.


I got out of work early but my boyfriend was there. Our building lost power and shock out of control for a few secs so they all went running down.

Lots of drama at first and fire trucks and police but it was the result of a manhole explosion. When I drove by at 6 to pick him up, they were just getting rid of a bunch of water and everything was cleared up.

He called me screaming and freaked me out but thank god no one was really hurt or it wasn’t anything worse.


101 Hudson Street is also without PSE&G power and is operating on emergency generator.

here is the story from the AP wire:

Jersey City Police says an underground transformer near 10 Exchange Place in downtown Jersey City has exploded.
As a result of the explosion, a car parked above the transformer vault caught fire. An unidentified woman who was in the car has been slightly hurt.

The force of the explosion apparently also popped a manhole in the vicinity of the transformer vault.

Police, fire and PSE&G crews are on the scene.

The cause of the explosion is not known.


With some markets closing early today hopefully not too many people were around.