Woman nearly drowns

Yufeng Yan, in an attempt to get a “better view” of the NY skyline, fell into the Hudson yesterday afternoon.

Here’s the NJ.com story, as well as a Hoboken411 readers witness recount.

My wife was walking along the water just after 1pm today when she noticed a sizable amount of emergency personnel gathering near the partially collapsed Stevens parking lot and the roped-off fishing area by the gazebo. It turns out the emergency crews were responding to a report of a person in the water. The responders, from various agencies like police, fire, volunteer emt’s, professional emt’s, and even something called “marine rescue” must have numbered more than a dozen. One would think they might have a plan for something like this but the they pretty much stood there along side my wife and a number of other concerned witnesses. About 15 minutes went by before an NYPD Harbor patrol boat came by and pulled the woman from the water. She appeared to be unconscious when brought to shore and it’s unclear if she had survived her time in the water.

Now it may have been too late to save this woman’s life by the time the “rescue” crews arrived at the scene- but one might expect first responders working in a town that is flanked on one side by a major river to have some sort of water rescue training. If they do have that training why did they just stand around and watch until NYC rolled up? One of the “marine” crews was even carrying a life-jacket.
Could he could have jumped in with a tether and maybe turned the woman over so she could breathe, assuming she was still alive? She couldn’t have been more than 30-yards from the shoreline. I know that certain parts of the Hudson have dangerous currents but when the NYPD showed up two officers jumped right in (appeared to be free of a
tether) and pulled her to the shore.

I should qualify this note with the fact that I don’t have any emergency rescue experience…but I do have common sense.


A concerned resident of Hoboken

Woman nearly drowns near sinatra park in Hoboken

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You’ll all be excited to know that the HFD is bringing the boat out this very instant to assist with a “vessel in distress” at Pier A. Now run over there and witness it.


Because it looks good, why else????? Everything is a show in the “boke”….

[quote comment=”28115″][quote comment=”28108”]Hmmm,

From the HFD’s website (http://www.hobokenfire.org/equipmentx.htm), specialized equipment:

Water Rescue Equipment
Used for rescue and recovery in a water environment. Equipment includes:
1 Avon Rescue Boat
1 125 HP Engine
6 Life Vests
6 Dry Suits[/quote]

I’ve seen the boat parked over at the municipal garage that the mayor is allways trying to sell.
why the heck did the city purchase this stuff if they dont intend too/ arent trained to use it?
was it a case of another kick back to a govt. buddy?
I find this outrageous to say the least.
😯 😯 8O[/quote]


[quote comment=”28208″][quote comment=”28206″]Yhou should be thanking God that Hoboken doesn’t need to mobilize its SWAT team often! Look at what is going on around the country in schools etc…. i would hardly say that having a team of specially trained officers is a bad investment.[/quote]

njDEVILfan as you seem to have details on this, you’d have to to make your last statement, exactly how much extra does the SWAT team cost tax payers? Please include all costs including time away from duty for specialized training.

Also in your opinion what duties are Hoboken’s rank and file Police Officers not competent to handle to demand that our Mile Square city have its own SWAT team?[/quote]

FAP _ honestly, all of that information is available to you. Maybe not a current year’s, but prior years.
As to what can happen in your precious mile square city ….
well, in montclair some years back someone walked into the local post office, killed 7 people, and escaped until the SWAT team found and apprehended him.
Also, not sure if you have heard or not, but there is an nationwide epidemic of gun violence in schools. As much as I hope such a thing never happens here, I would hope that there are specially trained professionals ready to handle the situation.


They don’t have the “red boat” anymore because Mayor Quimby takes the family waterskiing with it down at his shore house.

I would’ve thought the “pump” boat would’ve sufficed in a pinch.

Word is Campos was giving a developer a tour of the 4th ward!!!!!!


They had the boat out of the slip at least on Saturday and Monday. Monday evening they were puttering around in the water off of 3rd Street keeping other boaters away from the seawall.

I figure they either took it out because of this accident, or because it was a nice weekend and someone wanted to go boating.