Unofficial start of Summer

Memorial Day weekend typically signifies the start of summer (and often “summer hours” in the workplace). Many people open up their beach houses, make travel plans or participate in Barbecues this long weekend. With beautiful weather in the upper 80’s expected for much of this holiday weekend, it’s shaping up to be perfect.

In years past, due to the mass exodus to the shore points, Hoboken often quieted down considerably on weekends during the summer, becoming a venerable ghost town. Last Memorial Day, the city was eerily empty. However, with the recent surge in population, more families and babies, our mile square has become busier and busier on the weekends. Available parking near your home isn’t even a “given” anymore, but still better than usual. Most people that stay back during this season make sure they finish their weekend errands before the “surge” of traffic heads back into town Sunday nights.

Do any of you have special plans this summer?

How many of you have shore houses? I’ve had stints in many of the popular towns, such as Belmar, Manasquan, LBI, Spring Lake, Bradley Beach and others. What is your favorite location? Why? If you’re no longer a fan of the beach houses, why not?

Regardless, I hope all of you have a safe and happy summer season!



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Hi 411 — Got an addition for the get out of town series … Rockefeller Nature Preserve What is it? — 20 miles of packed dirt and crushed stone walking paths in a mostly pristine forested area. Wide, wonderful paths under a tree canopy. Picturesque lake. Squirrels and chipmonkeys everywhere. Saw some egrets and two deer in a short time. We experienced mostly level or gentle terrain, nothing severe. It’s my understanding that the entire place is walkable, no severe exertion required. Zero infrastructure except for the main building and signposts so that you don’t get lost — carry in/carry out, no picnicking or grilling. Fishing and horseys are welcome, but not bikes. Mommies & Daddies — this place is absolutely perfect for stroller walking if you have something that can handle a bit of terrain. Suggest a bug screen overwrap if you have one. (Bugaboos, you got one in the box when you bought the rig.) Go there in the morning, walk to your heart’s content, and then you can retreat to the Palisades Mall on the NJ side of the river for an afternoon of mall-walking. Joggers — fabulous for the off-road experience. Again — 20 MILES! Each path itself is not all that long, the mileage is created by the fact that they loop and intersect, like a network of village streets. How to get there — approx. 45 min drive, up to the Tappan Zee Bridge, cross to the east side of the Hudson, turn north… Read more »

411, I can’t believe you didn’t cover Fleet Week. It rocked this year!!!

Best thing I heard from a sailor this week, said to me, in the elevator going up to the Gavensports rooftop bar, Plunge, “Their are gorgeous woman on line outside, and your a gorgeous woman. How the hell did we (meaning him and his ship mate, they were both Chiefs) get us in here?” They were in their whites and it’s pretty much a rule that during Fleet Week they can get in anywhere wearing them. I explained that to them and one of the Chiefs said “I’m moving to New York.”

God do I love Fleet Week.

On that note, I’m heading to bed, gotta bring a bunch of Marines around to some more bars before they leave tomorrow!


[quote comment=”28135″][quote comment=”28132″]You don’t need to leave Hudson county to have a great summer. The Sandbar is only a short cab or light rail ride away.

Look they are having a “Screw the Shore” party next week.

It’s also known as the “I’m A Broke Guido” party.[/quote]

Actually, if you go during the day or early evening and sit outside the place is pretty fun. It is right on the water, and if you have a boat you can dock it there. The food is ok, not great, but not too bad.


[quote comment=”28084″]Probably sit in the Maxwell Place grass and try and avoid dog poop.[/quote]

Someone should sit in that grass – I’ve walked by there twice today already and not a single soul was out there, while the other public parks are filling up nicely with sun-lovers.


Nothing like sharing the surf with guidos and their hair gel.