Injured animals in Hoboken: What to do?

Who do you call when you encounter a hurt animal in Hoboken?

Hoboken411 reader April had an interesting situation this summer. She found a hurt pigeon on her stoop – and wanted to find a humane way, or an agency that would handle the problem. She went through a lot of hoops to an eventual result, but felt it could have been easier. So she volunteered to do some digging and share the “Animal Control” information she found.

Helping a hurt bird or animal in Hoboken and Hudson County NJ New Jersey

“What we usually ask people to do is during the daytime hours is call the Hoboken Health Department at 201-420-2375 to dispatch an animal control officer, or if it’s after hours, the Hoboken police department.

Since the numbers they gave you are our cell phones, we usually have a line that forwards to our phones that the police and health department call and will forward to the officer on duty. Liberty Humane Society asks that we don’t put our direct cell phone numbers online due to occasional nuisance calls (animals we’re not allowed to pick up, feral cat issues, wildlife not causing harm or danger, etc.) Residents can also call the shelter for stray/surrender help at 201-547-4147 extension 9 to talk to someone at the desk from 8-4 Mon,Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun and 8-8 on Tues/Thurs about surrendering or turning in strays. You can call the shelter to get the animal control line but the health department and the police are the right way to go so the calls are logged on both ends and in the event that they involve cruelty or anyone at risk.

Liberty Humane has the contract for Hoboken animal control services 365 days a year. We provide the service to the Hoboken Health Department and Police as an outside contract as opposed to the city hiring their own animal control division such as Jersey City has. We pick up stray cats and dogs, injured wildlife, potentially rabid animals, and if it’s within our means, owner surrenders at a fee. We occasionally pick up animals from homes that need medical attention that are being surrendered or if owners are being evicted from the housing authority. The shelter takes surrenders from the owners normally, but if it’s an extreme situation we come out to pick up such as a disaster in home or an animal that has had a bad accident and needs to be carried out.

Dog licenses are still done through the Hoboken Health Department, and animal cruelty issues are also handled by them as we have no means to pursue ticketing for licenses and cruelty issues.”

Animal Control Contact Info Cheat Sheet

Bookmark this URL for easy reference in the future!

  • Hoboken Health Department – 201-420-2375 (Business Hours)
  • Hoboken Police Department – 201-420-2100 (After Hours)

Call the shelter in the event an officer cannot be reached or misses the call, usually there is one working at the shelter or can be called by the shelter staff during the daytime hours.

Rehabilitation information for wildlife (perfectly okay for residents to bring animals to as well)

  • Raptor Trust (Birds)
    1390 White Bridge Road, Millville, NJ 07946
  • Antler Ridge (Wildlife – not recommended for people to touch possible rabies carriers)
    52 County Road 661, Newton, NJ 07860

Thanks for the helpful list, April!

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Thank you for posting this info. This is very helpful and it is great to know who to call if you do see an injured animal. Thank you again!

Mrs. L
Mrs. L

You can also just call the police at any time, they’ve been responsive in the past when some car bashed a pigeon that was hobbling around.


mrs.L you have to call the pidgon police,,or moosh mush..Story is so many pidgons were raciers years ago..They carry germs and are somewhat like rats with wings..They fester around any food they can eat..Saw one drinking anti freeze from a vacated car.They are Gods creations but Do you think you can call the police on a pidgon doa with the manpower at its lowest level? Call 420 2013 and let the leader know..u mean well but gee comon. 🙄 [quote comment=”209575″]You can also just call the police at any time, they’ve been responsive in the past when some car bashed a pigeon that was hobbling around.[/quote]