I found this sign to be ironic, as the green is “fading” from this campaign promise poster near 6th and Washington Street!

How long before it gets removed?


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I think if a group of northeast/west Hoboken residents got together and started cleaning up the land at 16th and Park on weekends it would generate enough publicity to shame our pols into action on that site.

How long does it take to test soil and put an RFP out to a bunch of sleazy, entrenched architects and developers? Somebody’s cousin is going hungry and that’s not right….

Tama Murden

Green…Schmeen. Remnants of Dave’s strong-arm tactics in the last campaign, as amply noted above. Curious as to how he could “force” banks, etc., to post these glossy bits of clap-trap, but they’s still there, along w/the insipid stream of “thank you’s,” in Symposia’s window (but then Dave’s the landlord).
In a somewhat related issue, on PRI’s Marketplace, tonight (podcastable on, some focus on Toll Bros.’ 79% drop in last-quarter’s earnings, tho’ stock went up 1% today-? As 411 has noted, Toll Bros. continues to “kill them in Hoboken.” Esp. green space….


I laugh at the poster near Pamrapo bank on 4th every time I see it!
The Mayor Is a liar, pure and simple.
he needs to be called out for his lies.
can we impeach him?
please please??
burn him at the stake, and his city council buddies with him.
liar all of them!
it’s time for a little Pants on Fire” Action!


Those signs where part of David Roberts last mayoral campaign.

He was up against Carol Marsh who had as one of her main platform issues was more open space. After years of not doing a thing about open space Mayor Roberts had the developers of the NW redevelopment Zone draw some pretty pictures with lots of green ink.

Most of the open faded like the posters. They where never going to be built it was just a pre election stunt. Mayor Roberts and the Roberts Team for the City Council busted the bank and had to spend $1,500,000.00 to win the election.

Mayor Roberts is already openly talking about quiting early. However, The Roberts Team who carried out all his wishes on the City Council now seeks to distance themselves and blame their old boss for all of Hoboken’s problems.

Councilmen Campos and Giacchi have been behind Mayor Roberts and his schemes for years are up for re-election.
They are as much to blame for the mismanagement of Hoboken as Mayor Roberts.

June 12th hold Campos and Giacchi reponsible for their record of mismanagement.

Hoboken deserves better.


there is the exact same sign on the waterfron walkway. by the looks of it you’d think Hoboken was overflowing with ballfields, pools, parks, rinks of all types. Oh wait it’s just a fake poster and a big lie to the public.