No Horn Blowing

What’s up with this sign near 11th and Garden?

Why isn’t this ordinance enforced elsewhere? I have silly people laying on the horn as if they’re taking their first-born to the Hospital (not HUMC!).

More fines can be racked up by the city, but of course, who will enforce this ordinance?


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There’s a noise ordinance???!!! ❗

Tama Murden

No one ever seems to enforce the noise ordinance.

And lots of places require ambulances to turn off sirens in residential areas, as they approach the hospital.

I had an incident, a few yrs. back, w/someone who wouldn’t let up on his horn. When I addressed the noise ordinance & asked him to stop (& suggested that it wouldn’t make the traffic get unstuck any faster anyway), he screamed “F*&k YOU!” at me, while also flashing an HPD shield (& to the best I could tell, since he was in some oversized SUV, he was not on undercover duty).

So where’s the enforcement?


Fantasmagoried, you think you got it bad? Try living on Washington Street… Not only do I have to contend with the seemingly endless parade of sirens blaring down the street, but I also have the jackasses that hang out outside the bar to smoke and feel the need to scream at 1am…
I also don’t understand why the fire trucks need to blare their sirens at like 3am on a wednesday roaring down washington… I don’t think there are really any people/cars all over they need to alert… And to whatever braintrust decided that every firehouse needs to respond to every alarm, thanks…


As I’m sitting here on Washington most of every day, I’m going to try to count sirens. Anyone interested? Or should I leave this thread to Katie and Strand..?

Perhaps someone with some time could match them to the events on the police scanner..?

I lived in Manhattan for 5 yrs and never heard so much noise all day!