Higher Fares & Tolls for NYC crossings!

Port Authority Tolls Increase {Expectedly}

Port Authority Toll HIkesThe toll hikes at all the Port Authority crossings was absolutely no surprise – as they were announced in 2012, and part of a slow financial death four year toll rate increase.

You ever wonder what they do with all that money? You might recall local politicians calling for an “inquiry” into the “secret” dealings of the Port Authority – but it seems ZERO progress has been made on that endeavor.

Such a shame they have everyone by the balls with their “commuting monopoly.” We need some competition (like new bridges and tunnels now!)

Port Authority Toll Increase Hoboken NJ ripoff at the Lincoln Tunnel

What are the new tolls to NYC?

So here’s the scoop for your morning commute:

(For regular cars crossing the GWB, Lincoln & Holland Tunnels, the Goethals & Bayonne Brides and the Outerbridge Crossing)

  • Cash price remains the same at $13.00 (but goes up to $14 in Dec. 2014 and $15 in Dec. 2015).
  • EZPass (PEAK) goes up $0.75 to $11.00 (and up to $11.75 in 2014 and $12.50 in 2015).
  • EZPass (OFF-PEAK) increases $0.75 to $9.00 (and up to $9.75 in 2014 and $10.50 in 2015).

Note that PEAK hours are 6-10am and 4-8pm Monday through Friday – and 11am-9pm on weekends.

Also note the “carpool plan” (3 or more riders) only pays $5.00 all day and night (mannequins a good idea?)

Proposal: Steep PATH, Tunnel & Bridge hikes

8/5/2011 Update:

Eyewitness News reported that getting to and from NYC is proposed to go up steeply. Cost increases of 50% or more are being suggested.

“The Port Authority announced they need to hike tolls on their bridges and tunnels and fares on PATH trains. Tolls would be $12 for the George Washington Bridge, Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel, Bayonne Bridge, Goethals Bridges and the Outerbridge Crossing. They are currently $8 for peak-hour E-Z Pass users and cash.

Tolls would then go up again by $2 for E-ZPass users in 2014.”

Hoboken PATH train news

“A single ride on the PATH train would be $2.75, up from $1.75. The proposal would go to the governors of New York and New Jersey, who are expected to find a way to partially cut the toll hikes. Officials have been discussing a much needed toll hike for at least a year.

However, the statement outlined why the agency no longer has access to certain transportation monies, causing officials to call for toll hikes steeper than originally expected. Steep layoffs and construction delays, including at the World Trade Center, would result if the hike was not approved.”


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Thursday, December 5, 2013 1:08 pm

When Christie had his Town Hall meeting in Hoboken a few years ago he was touting how he wasn’t raising taxes. Someone on the City Council brought up the NJTransit fare hikes and how that was an increased tax on commuters. He dismissed it as a ludicrous professorial remark.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 1:31 am

Riders – hmmm, that could include your pets!

Monday, December 2, 2013 12:11 pm

If you are using EZ Pass, how do they know you are a carpool and should only charge $5?

Reply to  boken603
Tuesday, December 3, 2013 1:34 pm

You have to use a staffed lane. I don’t know if then you can pay with ez-pass, or you have to pay them.

Excerpt from panjny site:

Port Authority Carpool Plan (PACP) is available to all E-ZPass account holders with non-commercial plates who enroll in the PACP plan. Rate of $5.00 is applied per trip when three or more people are in the vehicle, use a staffed “Cash/E-ZPass” lane, and are verified by the toll collector. Available all days and hours.

To register for the Port Authority Carpool Plan, call 800-333-8655 (New York Service Center) or 888-288-6865 (New Jersey Service Center). Be sure to have your account number or tag number and PIN for account access.
[quote comment=”222093″]If you are using EZ Pass, how do they know you are a carpool and should only charge $5?[/quote]

Monday, December 2, 2013 11:57 am

Also note the “carpool plan” (3 or more riders) only pays $5.00 all day and night (mannequins a good idea?)

Would it not be fair to say that 2 seat vehicles with 2 passengers, like a Smart car or sports car would qualify for carpool? They can’t possibly have more than 2 passengers by law so this rule is not really fair to them.

Monday, August 8, 2011 10:51 am

Looks like once again the PA is shooting for the sky for a dollar increase on the PATH so it would seem they negotiated in good faith to get the 50 cents they actually want in the first place. Weekend service has been horrible for years, and there are only so many trains you can get in and out of Hoboken on a week day. You also never hear of reduction of pensions, work force, or pay raises. “Give backs” is not in their vocabulary since the governors of both states always give them what they want. The Port Authority is the fattest and useless organization in the tri-state. Let’s see how fat Christie and rich Bloomberg handle THIS situation. And on the utility side of things, just watch the governors give Verizon what they want also.

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