More Hoboken Wildlife

And no, not a typical Friday night!

One incident was captured by local artist Frank Hanavan, who witnessed a mini-crowd gathering around this tiny garter snake on Washington St. last week. He said it had come from the carpet store, and was trying to get back into any nearby door. They were poking it with one of those shelf-grabbing sticks. This, in addition to another dead one he saw near the viaduct were the only two snakes he’d seen in 25 years in Hoboken! He didn’t hang around to find out what happened. If our flooding problems continue, maybe we’ll see the Loch Ness monster next?

hoboken snake washington street - More Hoboken Wildlife

Next, I saw this brazen opossum milling around the trash cans near Court Street. It had no fear as I could have walked right up to it. I guess the rubbish is that good there! Unlike that girl that was crazy afraid the last time she saw one in her backyard, I think I could have taken this bastard!

possom near court street hoboken - More Hoboken Wildlife

What was the last (non-human) specimen you saw?

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About ants: the prior answer about boric acid is correct. You can get a product called Terro Ant Baits at Home Depot or the hardware store on Wash/2nd. It contains Borax which is similar. It has almost no toxicity to people but it will destroy apartment ant colonies better than any exterminator.

About snakes: no surprise. This area was once loaded with snakes. Witness the origin of the name Secaucus.

I recently read this autobiography of a NYC cop who was a 15 year old worker on a Dutch ship who decided to make a go of it in the USA in the 1880s. After he jumped ship (in Hoboken), he fled to the cliffs where he hid for a few days until they stopped looking for him. There he noted a small shanty town and tons and tons of snakes “and they all wanted to get a good look at me.”


That ticket writer is trying to figure out where to stick the summons before she calls the boot truck!


We saw a baby skunk in the SW corner of Hoboken. Very cute but wondering around the street looking confused. I was very frightened it would be hit. 🙁


I’ve seen rabbits on the Hudson Tea Building lawn on two occasions.


[quote comment=”27659″]Every morning I see the groundhog that lives at 8th and Hudson somewhere in that green hill leading up the Stevens Tech parking lot. He’s completely unphased by people and obviously really tame, although I’d never pet him. He’s been living there for years.[/quote]

There are 5 or 6 that live in the hill behind the fraternity there. Whenever they see me walking the dog they run into their holes between the railroad ties. Last time a baby one was too small to climb the ties and ran around the yard looking for a place to hide.