The Drunk Couple Test

Test your relationship by getting drunk!

The other day, I took Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar on a late night walk to Hoboken Daily News for some refreshing ice-cold Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer Water.

drunk fights between boyfriends and girlfriends in Hoboken NJ - The Drunk Couple TestDuring my journey, I had the pleasure of listening to a couple argue and fight behind me for many blocks. They had both been drinking, but it was essentially a two-way character assassination in progress. Each person was launching repeated barbs at one another. “You get loaded and do this….” and “You bitch about that….” and it made me wonder. Perhaps a “drunk test” should be a gauge of how compatible two people truly are?

Think about it for a minute. When one is sober, you have the ability to screen your thoughts and words, control emotions better, and essentially shape the outcome of most interactions. You can decide later if an unacceptable circumstance is something you can tolerate. (*** note – some individuals are better at this than others. Many wear their thoughts on their sleeves, and have no issue expressing themselves.)

However, when inebriated – the control mechanisms become faulty, and quite frankly in my opinion, the truth comes out much easier.

So rather than apologizing the next day, and chalking it up to “we were both drunk, sorry… I love you.” Perhaps those intoxicated battles should be the true litmus tests if two individuals are really meant to be with one another.

Because regardless if you have “time invested” in a person, or have shared many positive experiences – at what point do ugly personality conflicts and unhappy times supersede the benefits of remaining a couple?

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Friday, November 11, 2011 9:01 pm

You were subjected to that for God knows how long, and you didn’t upchuck?

My neighbor, a heavy drinker, and his ex-girlfriend, also a heavy drinker, (and his ex-ex girlfriend, a drunk, too) used to participate in epic battles. Hated it, they didn’t even know what they were fighting about, and I just wanted to smack them both on the heads.

Neighbor’s single now, thank heavens.

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