Cream & Sugar Café – Doomed

Cream & Sugar Café served eviction notice in Hoboken, NJ

Another doomed business in Hoboken to share with you all.

Cream and Sugar Cafe doomed in Hoboken NJ Hurricane Sandy - Cream & Sugar Café - Doomed

Cream & Sugar Café appears to be down for the count.

Like many Hoboken businesses they definitely took an uppercut from Hurricane Sandy, that’s for sure.

And I noticed this week an eviction notice taped to the front door. The landlord of the property filed suit against them for nonpayment of rent.

Not sure if you can consider that “heartless” due to the unprecedented tragedy of the “super storm” or just standard business protocol. After all, the property owner runs a business as well. They have to appear in court on February 7th, or be in default.

Cream and sugar eviction Hoboken NJ - Cream & Sugar Café - Doomed

Cream & Sugar Café now open at 10th & Madison


After months of sluggish construction, Cream & Sugar Café is now open at 1001 Madison Street across from the Shoprite Supermarket.

Besides offering quality Lavazza Coffee – Cream & Sugar also has standard cafe items like cupcakes, breads and danishes along with “grab & go” items like cereals and juices.

They’re still tweaking the open & closing times – but the current hours are 7am to 9pm (and will be adjusted to meet demand). One thing – the Manager over at ShopRite is a daily customer!

You can reach Cream & Sugar Café at (201)706-8366.

Cream & Sugar Café comes to 10th & Madison in Hoboken, NJ


Opening soon at 1001 Madison Street (across from the Shoprite Supermarket) is Cream & Sugar Café.

I have to say – this is quite an ideal spot for a business like this. Because if you had to pick one single area on the west side of Hoboken that gets the most pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic (other than commuters and drivers coming/leaving/passing-through town), this is it.

More updates about Cream & Sugar Café to come!

Cream Sugar Cafe Hoboken NJ 1001 Madison Street - Cream & Sugar Café - Doomed

Description: Coffee Shop & Café
Address: 1001 Madison Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)706-8366

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Thursday, August 4, 2011 1:48 pm

Something in that area would be a great addition…..a good sandwich shop would do great….a short walk and there’s the Dunk’n Donuts…….suprised no pizza/Chinese takeout has gotten down there…….and whats up with that rat trap/ fire hazzard waiting to happen Monroe Center? Is ANYTHING ever going to go there other than a cheese shop and a salon?

Supposedly a Hooters-style stripclub restaurant is being built where the MetroStop bldg is…….wait until St. patty’s day and that place collide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more salons (hair and especially nail), dry cleaners…way too many

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 4:23 pm

Area residents have been waiting years for the storefronts at 1000 Jefferson to fill up, with the exception of Aloha Cleaners on 11th and Jefferson. Thankfully, having Madison Street paved has really improved the flooding problem and hopefully will draw more businesses (the storefront on 11th and Madison was a regular wading pool).

With two open storefronts left, what shops would you like to see at 1000 Jefferson?
My vote: a sandwich shop, akin to the dearly departed Park & Sixth

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