Sean Sack Live at Maxwell’s on 8/10

Sean Sack at Maxwell’s – Reviewed

Hoboken411 reader JJ provides a VERY positive review from the Sean Sack show which took place at Maxwell’s a couple nights ago:

Sean Sack rocks maxwells in Hoboken NJ august 2011

Sean Sack with Sexy Heroes at Maxwell’s – August 2011

“I saw the Sean Sack show mentioned on Hoboken411 last week; never having heard of Sean Sack I made the mistake of clicking on the video link for his single “Boy Meets Girl” and that was it, I was hooked.

Sean Sack rocks maxwells in Hoboken NJ august 2011 v3It’s radio-friendly pop-rap with a bit of an edge (he gets in a few good disses against an ex girl, ie “you got an easy button like you work at Staples or something“), but I couldn’t get the chorus out of my head all week. So I decided to set out for the show at Maxwell’s on Wednesday night.

There was a host of opening acts, but I only arrived in time to catch pop-punk band Sexy Heroes. Definitely a party band and batshit crazy, the songs were about pirates, Mexican bandits, dinosaurs and Robert Downey Jr. (before which the singer gave a little speech about RDJ’s time on Ally McBeal). Towards the end there was also a nice sing along cover of the old Bloodhound Gang song “The Bad Touch,” and then it was time for Sean Sack.

Besides a Sean Sack Facebook music page, his album isn’t out yet and his website is under construction, so somehow I figured this show would be empty – but boy was I wrong, it was actually pretty packed, and he got nothing but love from the audience which was definitely filled with his hometown crowd.

Sean Sack is a GREAT live act

Now the thing about Sean Sack is that he’s a young white rapper, but he was backed by an amazingly tight live band – just bass, guitar and drums but boy did they bring the noise; this wasn’t just canned beats or a DJ but a legit band. And considering he’s brand new, this show was actually great.

Sean Sack rocks maxwells in Hoboken NJ august 2011 v2

He played “Boy Meets Girl” early, and like a lot of the other songs it sounded ferocious live, the recorded version is smooth radio pop but the live version rocked. That rock energy kept up through the whole show, and I hope some of that survives to his album (other live band hip-hop acts like The Roots do a great show, but that energy doesn’t always translate to the studio). Another highlight was the slightly more mellow “Skydive Suicide,” and he also brought up the vocalists from the opening acts to guest on a few songs.

Overall, great and surprisingly rocking, and the crowd was so into it – this show was late, Sean Sack didn’t come on until around 11:30 and I went in tired, but came out wired. Check him out on Facebook and also look him up on Youtube where there’s some great freestyles.”

Hip-Hop artist Sean Sack plays Maxwell’s in Hoboken – August 10th

Local hip-hop artist Sean Sack comes to Maxwell’s on Wednesday, August 10th.

Also playing that night is a diverse mix of NJ bands: A Balance Between (hardcore/experimental), Killing The Messenger (HI-NRG Rock), and Sexy Heroes (Punk.) Ought to be an interesting night!

Here’s Sean Sack’s video “Boy Meets Girl,” which was filmed in Hoboken. See if you can guess where!

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I was there! I’ve been to 9 major concerts this summer and THIS WAS the best show all summer!


Got halfway through the video and my ears started to bleed..

Who wrote the review?…His Mum?? 🙄


horrible , should ban this dbag .. so bad. someone please puch this dude in the face


Got somewhat of a Hoboken stud on our hands! 😀


Looks like the Waterfront behind the parking Garage!!! Do I win!! Awesome Video too! This kid is great!