Sammy’s Roadhouse Closes

Sammy’s Roadhouse no more in Hoboken

Yikes. Sammy’s Roadhouse over at the SkyClub (700 First St.) suddenly closed down this week! Less than a year after they opened! Their website is defunct as well.

What do you think it was? Location? Food? Clientele? Management?

Sammys Roadhouse Closes in Hoboken NJ

Sammy’s Roadhouse at SkyClub in Hoboken, NJ


Hoboken has a new bar & restaurant opening tomorrow, Thursday, August 4th!

Taking over the spot that was formerly the West End Station, the newest tenant of the SkyClubSammy’s Roadhouse will grace southwest Hoboken with their presence!

Hoboken411 swung by earlier in the week to check it out, and it looks very promising. Lots of fun and interesting news to share with you all after they’ve officially opened (plus an official 411 review later this year – once they’ve “settled in.”)

Sammy’s Roadhouse Menu has many items you’d expect in a bar/restaurant – along with some added twists. The chef, who owner Sammy Weiss hand-plucked from Marco Island, Florida – specializes in “Flatbread Sandwiches,” which has extensive representation on the menu. I sampled a few dishes off the menu, and they were quite good considering they were still in the testing phase.

Photo gallery below:

Welcome to the neighborhood, Sammy’s Roadhouse!

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Friday, July 6, 2012 10:25 am

The food & service at this place started off great then went bad. The service was slow, and the quality of food served very obviously was no longer worth what they were charging.
Their takeout & delivery service was a joke.

During the multiple times I went to this place In the evenings, parents allowed their children to run around screaming and playing while they ate with their friends. Ive never seen
It happen elsewhere. I think there was a sense of entitlement by the parents who lived in the Sky Club. The restaurant seemed to be OK with this, so we gave up going. If we are going to eat overpriced food, I at least want to eat it in a nice, somewhat calm atmosphere. I dont
Mind chuldren in a restaurant at all. But i mind when they are running from one end of yhe restaurant to the other and yelling loudly. They added in a nice outdoor seating area with couches and that too became a place for children to play on, rather than casual drinks and conversation that I imagine the restaurant actually put
It out there for. It’s a shame. I wish the next Owners good luck.

Thursday, July 5, 2012 10:28 pm

Location and average over priced food. The trivia night wasn’t enough to save it because it annoyed regular patrons who wanted nothing to do with some emcee talking all night.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 12:20 pm

This part of town needs more restaurants so this is good news. I hope they play nice with their neighbors unlike West End Station.

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