Edgewater Quaker Parrots

For the nature lovers out there, I thought I might share the interesting situation they have over in neighboring Edgewater, NJ.

There’s some drama taking place with these Quaker Parrots. There’s about 15-20 nests over there, and many nature activists have come together to protect these birds, since the state and local government want to eliminate them.

Check out their website here: www.edgewaterparrots.com. You may want to turn your speakers down, because they have lots of chirping sound effects on there and it can be quite ear-piercing.

If these guys were in Hoboken, our killer Hawk would have them all devoured by the end of the week. That, provided we ran out of squirrels.


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happened upon this once… it is truly amazing and LOUD!


Parrots to smart for the Hawk
He likes mammals anyway, rabbits and squirrels are more tasty.

Too bad we don’t have some green parrots in Hoboken. The nests they build look a lot more appealing than some of the condos in Hoboken.

And take note 4th Ward….No flooding issues!!!!

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: