Hoboken Police & Fire Blotter: 8/19/2011

Hoboken crime and fire action: August 19, 2011

Crimes, Incidents, Fire Calls & Vehicular mishaps

  • 3:00am (8/20/2011): Hit & Run
    Silver car struck a parked vehicle near 11th & Wash – kept driving despite a flat tire. HPD should catch up to them pretty soon. Congrats for the extra charge for leaving the scene you drunk idiot! #WINNING!
    3:06am Update: Multiple cars struck. Such BS you can barely park on the street without a solid chance your property will get bashed.
    3:11am Update: The driver that bashed the cars – was caught promptly at 12th & Hudson, and arrested by Hoboken Police.
  • 2:30am (8/20/2011): Vehicular trouble
    Auto accident (THREE PEDESTRIANS STRUCK) with injuries at 1st & Washington. Highly doubt booze was involved…
    2:45am Update: Three EMS rigs requested – only two were available. When HPD arrived – three pedestrians were laid out in the street – one female unconscious. She regained consciousness after a few minutes. One patient being transported to Jersey City Medical Center. The rest still being treated.
    2:53am Update: All three struck pedestrians being taken to JCMC. So much good that HUMC hospital we have just four blocks away does, eh?
    2:54am Update: HFD “remaining on scene” after victims were taken to hospital to “clean up the blood.”
    3:04am Update: A Hoboken411 reader emailed in saying that the group was jaywalkinglike usual in this town of entitled idiots.
  • 2:20am (8/20/2011): Lan-assault
    A woman outside of Lana Lounge was assaulted. HPD & EMS racking up their frequent flier miles.
  • 1:58am (8/20/2011): Mc-Attempted Suicide
    Reports of a problematic individual claiming to want to kill himself inside McDonald’s at 3rd & Washington. Damnit! Happy Meal prices increased again!
  • 1:55am (8/20/2011): Huge waterfront fight – with injuries
    Reports of a “large fight” at Quays310 Sinatra Drive. At least one injured party. HPD and EMS en route. Maybe the Mayor can ban waterfront bars?
  • 1:05am (8/20/2011): Man Fight & Man Blood
    HPD received multiple calls about a street fight between two men near 302 Monroe Street – with one man “bleeding heavily from the head.” What could you be fighting about that you couldn’t just walk away instead of receiving a blow to the head?
  • 12:50am (8/20/2011): “Man Down” (once again)
    Another instance of a drunk who was unable to get from point A to point B. Reports of a man on the sidewalk in need of ambulatory assistance near Newark & River. I’m out of snippy comments for the time being…
  • 12:45am (8/20/2011): Since when was “lounging” synonymous with “fight?”
    Reports of a fight at 200 Lounge above Tutta Pasta. If someone can figure out how to prevent brawls at a typical club – future Nobel Prize winner.
  • 12:05am (8/20/2011): Clubbin’ ain’t easy when your arm is in multiple pieces
    HPD and EMS en route to the W Hotel – for reports of a club reveler with a friggin’ broken arm (likely the result of an altercation). At what point do you hang up your glitzy black shirts and say “this just ain’t worth it anymore.”
  • 10:45pm: People who live next to loud bars – hate loud noises
    A nearby resident called HPD to complain the loud music (on a busy Friday night) coming from Texas Arizona on River St. downtown near the PATH. I’d suspect this resident dreams of a city full of book clubs and knitting groups. Yawn.
  • 10:30pm: Maxwell Place now getting checked out
    After Hoboken411 reported multiple times about the nefarious activities that take place on the Pier at Maxwell Place – Hoboken Police now perform regular patrols on an hourly basis. The question remains – where will the kids do their drugs and paint their graffiti next?

More updates to come!

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There are standards, based on the mechanisim of injury, that require the EMS crews to transport to the Trauma Center, rather than the closest ER. This is NJ State protocol required of all EMS Squads. In most cases, the EMT or Paramedic on scene has no option, unless the patient is in the most life threatening condition. Even in that case, once the patient is stabilized at the closest ER, they are transfered to the Trauma center for more definitive care,


Can someone explain why injured people in Hoboken would be taken to Jersey City rather than HUMC?


I think it might depend on Hoboken’s lack of a trama center.[quote comment=”209840″]Can someone explain why injured people in Hoboken would be taken to Jersey City rather than HUMC?[/quote]


Can’t wait till the first weekend after Labor Day!!!…>hope the Cops are ready!
Where has the Mayor been to comment on these happenings, she’s been very “quiet” lately.


Just got back to my apartment.. that accident by city hall was ugly! Something needs to be done about the total mayhem in this town