Hoboken water smells like mildew?

Some Hoboken residents reporting worse water than usual

Hoboken411 takes water consumption very seriously. Not only is hydration important – I (at the very least) double-filter the water coming out of our faucets.

Mile Square resident Jason has noticed some odd smells coming from the tap as of late:

“Has anyone else noticed that for the past week tap water has smelled like mildew?

At first I thought it was just a faucet issue but the smell is persistent from every water source in our apartment. I have also checked at my office and it smells like mildew there too!! I’ve read that warm weather can cause this but it would make me feel a little bit better to know that I am not the only one that has noticed this. I think it is time to call Hudson Water.

Could this be related to our unbelievably outdated water supply system in town?”

Hoboken water smells like mildew - Hoboken water smells like mildew?

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Why haven’t you called united water? That would make more sense than posting on a blog.


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