Lose the Training Wheels in Hoboken!

Helping kids with disabilities learn to ride a bike

Some Hoboken parents are in for a treat this week over at the High School gymnasium.

Lose the Training Wheels, a Kansas-based organization that helps children with disabilities learn how to ride a bike is in town until Friday.

Lose the Training Wheels helps disabled children learn how to ride a bike

Innovation and encouragement help

A non-profit organization, Lose the Training Wheels uses an innovative “roller” system instead of training wheels – by slowly getting the kids comfortable with balancing the bike (instead of just leaning sideways). There are eight different levels of rollers, each tapered at a greater angle as the child advances.

Children start out using a unique “tandem bike,” where the instructor sits behind the child – and can actually steer the front handle bar from the back. From what I saw yesterday, the kids were making great progress.

Lose the The Training Wheels travels throughout the country – and typically holds five classes per day in the cities they visit. However, Hoboken only had 15 kids signed up for the classes, which cost $100 for residents and $125 for non-residents. They had enough students for two classes per day. They wrap up in Hoboken this Friday.

The nationwide tour concludes in September, then they set up a winter camp in Scottsdale, Arizona and start the tour again next spring and summer. Hopefully by then, more area parents will participate, and they can pack a full 5-class per day schedule.

Local Hoboken groups also contributed to the cause, such at Litzky Public Relations, Flo on Wheels (who donated bikes) and Bike Hoboken – who will be volunteering the rest of this week.

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