Free Dog Party at Church Square Park

Hoboken Dog Party on July 30th

This Saturday, Hoboken dogs and their owners are in for a treat! The Fourth Annual Dog Party in Church Square Park, hosted by Hoboken Grace, will include competitions, snacks, and other attractions for dogs, dog-owners, kids, and families.

Hoboken Dog Party Hoboken Grace Community Church Square Park July 30 2011 - Free Dog Party at Church Square Park

Chris High, Pastor of Hoboken Grace Community Church, explains the history of the Dog Party: “When we started [the church], three and a half years ago, Hoboken was a very young community, where more people had dogs than children. So we decided to serve our community by throwing a dog party. Three years later, although Hoboken has grown and we’ve added an Easter Egg Hunt and Pumpkin Party to our list of events, the Dog Party is still a favorite event for many, and we’re anticipating a great event again this year.”

With the growth of young families in Hoboken, the dog party has expanded to include a bounce house for kids, as well as cotton candy and snow-cones. But the focus on dogs and their owners is still clear. Competitions with prizes from various Hoboken-area pet stores and doggy services are planned, and dog treats and water will be provided.

Although the activities are geared toward dogs, for Hoboken Grace it’s all about people. Pastor Chris High reiterates, “The reason we serve our community in this way is to let the dog owners and the families of Hoboken know that they are valued and loved. We’re here to help people see the many ways God loves them, and we believe one of the ways we can do that is to throw a great Dog Party.”

Hoboken Grace is a contemporary, nondenominational Christian church in Hoboken, NJ. One of the fastest-growing churches in the Northeast for families and young adults, Hoboken Grace offers two services on Sundays, 10am and 11:30am at 301 Garden Street in Hoboken. To learn more, visit

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