Navy SEALs say thanks to Village Pourhouse!

Bartenders from Village Pourhouse help SEALs in Afghanistan

Did you know?

Over the past couple months, bartenders from the Village Pourhouse locations in Hoboken, NJ and New York City were taking up collections of good-will items to send over to our Navy SEAL troops over in Afghanistan.

They recently sendt over some packages containing canned food, snacks, reading material, movies – plus fresh t-shirts and hats (you can imagine how dirty & dusty it is over there!)

The SEALs that received the packages were very thankful – and sent a few (low-res cell pics) of them displaying some of the items they got.

Nice to see the community reach out to those protecting our freedom!

Hoboken NJ Village Pourhouse sends housewarming products to Navy SEALs in Afghanistan - Navy SEALs say thanks to Village Pourhouse!

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