Oddfellows closing

Oddfellows closes in Hoboken, NJ – Mexican up next

Wow – it’s been over six years since we ate at Oddfellows! Thank God I’ve been documenting my life here on Hoboken411, it seems to have a better memory than I do!

Anyway – those that don’t know – tomorrow is Oddfellows LAST DAY in Hoboken – and they’re having a party to celebrate their goodbye. Not sure how many people consider a PATH bar their “regular” spot – but Oddfellows had good bar food, fun Mardi Gras events, and other stuff like darts and pool. For a typical city bar / restaurant – Oddfellows certainly was unique enough to stand out. They’ll be missed by many.

Up next is apparently a Mexican place. Will it be “Tex-Mex” like the Texas Arizona next door, or will they have a special formula that will allow them to survive in Hoboken?

Oddfellows Hoboken NJ closing to become

Oddfellows Reviews in Hoboken NJ – 2006

Description – A first-class Cajun-Creole eatery featuring well-seasoned food, a nice patio and popular bar. Gives diners an excellent taste of New Orleans.Zagat rated. Entrée price range $10-$15.
Services – Bar, Cajun food, Lunch, Brunch, Dinner, Pool Tables, Dart Board, Sports on 6 TV’s
Website – www.oddfellowsrest.com
Address – 80 River St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-5626
Telephone – (201) 656-9009


August 16 2006 – Second review this month!!

After our delicious “Buffalo Drummies” experience, we decided to have a couple more of their menu choices just for kicks. Especially after that horrific experience at Texas Arizona.

Oddfellows has a pretty diverse and tasty looking menu, but we went with some of the more common items.

My dining companion chose the Chicken Po’ Boy and a bowl of baked beans. The sandwich was outstanding. Perfectly seasoned blackened chicken, lettuce and tomato, with herb mayonnaise. She thought it was great, with the exception of a bit too much of the mayo for her taste, which she normally gets on the side. The Jazz Fries were also a tasty treat. Way too much food to finish in one sitting. She also thought the beans were good as well, not too sweet.


I chose the cheddar bacon cheeseburger, since my self-imposed ban until August was now over. Wow. This thing was humungous. 3/4 pound blackened burger on a large sandwich-sized english muffin (my favorite). The meat was extremely flavorful. Almost had a meatloaf-like taste. Again, way too much to finish and maintain consciousness. The meat to bread ratio was a bit over the acceptable limit. Maybe if they reduced the meat to 1/2 pound or 1/3 pound it’d be more manageable.

Overall, the food at Oddfellows has been fantastic. Way above par compared to other Hoboken “bar joints”. I guess it is a real restaurant afterall.

Those wings are in my sights still. If you haven’t been there in a while, give it a shot again. Great stuff!

August 7 2006 – Buffalo Wing Review

To continue along with the recent wing reviews, we decided to give Oddfellows a try.

We sat outside because it finally wasn’t 100 degrees, and Oddfellows doesn’t get a lot of sun in the afternoon. Not the greatest spot in town, but the breeze was nice and had some PATH people watching to do.

Our waitress came over and took our simple order. She was friendly and accomodating.

Then the wings came out. Based on our previous 4 wing reviews, I think we have a new leader. The wings were phenomenal.


The taste was excellent. Not too hot, not too mild. It wasn’t sloppy, nor dripping with too much sauce. The wings were meaty AND crispy. The juicy meat fell off the bones with ease. Practically perfect. The veggies included were a bit on the teeny side, but otherwise one of our favorite plate of wings in Hoboken so far. We will most certainly be back for these. Bravo!

Nothing much else to say about them. Give them a shot, and you’ll see why we feel this way.

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Monday, January 7, 2013 9:21 pm

I won’t be going to the new restaurant either.. Nuf said..

Saturday, January 5, 2013 4:07 pm

I never really liked oddfellows so cant say i am sad to see them go. Always felt the place was a bit dirty. Food always very salty and sub par. Looking forward to see what the new restaurant brings to the table.

Friday, January 4, 2013 6:10 pm

I certainly will never be giving any business to this Mexican place, Teak, or any other business owned by the people responsible for closing Oddfellows.

Reply to  homeworld
Saturday, January 5, 2013 10:05 am

I am very saddened to see Oddfellows close. But I don’t blame the owners of Teak & the new place. It wasn’t a hostile takeover. I understand something internal led to Oddfellows looking to sell. Now that doesn’t mean I will support the new place. Another tex-mex added to the 6 or more already in town? Qdoba was empty the other night as Chipotle has all the business now. I don’t think adding another is smart. I don’t think they care about that because like Teak, it won’t be about the menu, it will be about serving some kind of food to get an easier “cabaret” license for their bar. So we will have another stuck up, over hyped yuppie party spot where they determine if you’re good enough to give them business by the shortness of your skirt, height of your heels or amount of hair gel. Probably with an express bus to the er and cheap liquor via IV on St Pattys. It would have been nice to see them possibly keep what was a unique menu in town instead of doing a me too place. So while I won’t patronize either Teak or this place it’s because I don’t agree with their business model and at 40 & not a Jersey Shore extra, they probably wouldn’t let me in. But they aren’t “responsible” for Oddfellows closing. That said their statement about transforming the area? Well transform into what? I think the spoiled rich kids & out of… Read more »

Friday, January 4, 2013 11:33 am

This place had the best Po boys I have ever had!

Now that I live in DC, all of the places here don’t cook ’em as well.

Sunday, February 1, 2009 2:18 pm

[quote comment=”45478″]While the food may be good here the drinks and shots are horrible since they water them all down. I went here the other night for a few drinks and I was served the most watered down drinks of my life. We had a group of about 10 of us and all the mixed drinks (vodka and club) (jack and coke) among others were very weak. We ordered one shot of Jose Cuervo and could taste how diluted it was. Overall I would not return to Oddfellows since there are are a dozen bars in the area where they don’t serve water downed drinks.[/quote]

The beers come in smaller than usual glasses too – at least the Guinness does.

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