Mesh Spa – Doomed

4/6/2009 Update:

I still run into some folks who are still griping about the fact that they have gift certificates from Mesh Spa… Here’s a pic of their uncollected mail from a while ago:


1/6/2009 Update:


What’s up with Mesh Spa?

Someone had mentioned to me that Mesh Spa (70 Hudson St.) had closed.

I called the main phone and fax numbers and both were “temporarily disconnected.” I also stopped by yesterday to see if maybe they just forgot to pay their phone bill (that happens), but there was a sign in the window saying they were closed for “renovations.”

Their website doesn’t indicate any notice for the “renovation,” and still lists a “Mother’s Night Out” event on January 22nd. I don’t see a reason to disconnect the phone lines just due to renovation – and why do they need to renovate? Wasn’t the place nice inside already?

What do you think happened? Could be:
– They really are renovating
– New ownership – hence the disconnection of the numbers
– Doomed for real – the economy sucks

Regardless – the simple sign on the window and disconnected numbers don’t do much to help customers know for sure.

See initial review from October 2006 below…

October 2006(Review written by a Hoboken411 Contributor)

Today was a great day to hit Mesh Spa. I was tired and hung over. What better way to enjoy a relaxing pampering treat. This spa is state of the art. With over 4000 square feet and an amazing 2 floor lay out. What a hideaway. They have been open for around 8 months.

When I entered the spa I was immediately greeted and brought to the women’s locker room. There I got my nice fluffy bathrobe and comfy flip flops. I am going to mention that the flip flops actually fit. I have been to other local spas and the shoes are not usually made for size 10 feet. From there I was told that I can take a shower and relax with some fresh lemon water in the lounge.

I did decide to take a shower since I had raced over post waking up. Great, large showers with rain tree shower heads. All possible amenities were there ie: shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, razors, etc. After the shower I sat down and magically an associate appeared and asked me if I would like a complimentary foot soak. Are you kidding? Of course!

The foot soak was great. I sat in a lavish pedicure area on the lower level with dim lights and relaxing music. The water was filled with herbal fragrances and oils. With my feet soaking for about ten minutes it was hard not to fall into oblivion.


Than came my massage. I had chosen to get the hot towel massage since I love it at the pedicure place when they wrap your feet and hands with the hot towels. Kerri my masseuse was excellent. She used the perfect amount of pressure and had great technique. Which in my opinion some of the other locations in town lack. The heated towels were a nice touch but I have to say not worth the extra money. Now the scalp treatment add-on that I had was worth every penny.

Kerri spent about 15 minutes in addition to the 55 minute massage just massaging my scalp. The oil she used smelled so amazing that I even tried to purchase it after only to be told that it is only for retail use. Bummer.


After my treatment I was lead back to the lounge and told to take my time. When I finally did emerge I headed upstairs and was greeted by the director. She asked if I would like a complimentary oxygen treatment and some herbal tea. Since I was already sipping my delicious fresh lemon water I passed on the tea. Now, I have read some stuff on the oxygen therapy and have always been skeptical but I was willing to give it a try.

Melissa helped me with the hospital like tubing to run the oxygen into my system. I decided I would go for the full 20 minute session. They do offer 10 minutes and I believe 30 as well. I have to say it was very relaxing. At first like anything else new it was a little odd. But once I got use to it I felt like it was invigorating. After the treatment I felt less stuffy some how. It seems to have a lot of benefits so I would be willing to try this again.

Overall, the staff was amazing. They were extremely polite, professional, and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure coming here and will definitely return. Anytime I get class A service along with a stupendous product I will highly recommend them. Good luck Mesh Spa!

Mesh Spa.JPG

Description – “Pressotherapy for tired, swollen legs & feet; Face Printing for customized facials; and an Oxygen Bar for skin vitality and lung purification… just a few of the treatments Mesh has to offer – plus a full retail area featuring Spa Technologies Intl, DermaWare, Du Wop, Jersey Girl cosmetics and True Cosmetics -”

Website –
Address – 70 Hudson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-420-0004, Fax – 201-420-0054

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this place was a joke from day one, I do know this because I used to work here – – Jin Ho and Amy who were the original owners / manager when I was first hired – the two had no idea what they were doing at all, there was crazy spending and no guidelines on respect or professionalism. Then there was Lisa and Gloria, they were a great team… Jin Ho never allowed them to be the managers they were hired to be. I know for a fact that they tried to contact clients to remind them of GC and he wouldnt allow them to, he said it wasnt his problem that clients for got about them. I left right before some girl Melissa came and took over management for Lisa and Gloria and heard that the salon went down hill from there. Jin Ho had no idea how a spa worked, he come from wall street and honestly should of stayed there – I am sorry for all of you who lost $$ and really wish those calls were made…


There is plenty of reason to slam him, he is a liar (there was no water damage); a scam artist (still selling gift cards on their website); and is now apparently writing bad checks..

After several emails and some non-violent threats, below is what happened;

He was forced out of the Spa on December 23rd claiming he had no previous notice from his landlord. Since it is impossible to refund all customers without any sort of income from the Spa; he has filed for bankruptcy with a lawyer.

GREAT! Good luck everyone, including myself getting our money back.


“She” is a “He” – I would keep trying to get a hold of him. Some other Spa’s in the area are accepting Mesh gift cards. I would “Google” it. goodluck.


[quote comment=”147270″]Re: 24 – sorry to hear, I can see the bitch has the language skills of 2 year old.[/quote]

She has the language skills of an immigrant. Why not chime in when the American-born and educated people make grammar and usage mistakes? She may not be a good business woman but there is no reason to slam this. Don’t put your bitterness towards xenophobia.

[quote comment=”143701″]Has anyone else been lead on by the owner, JinHo Jang? Pretty much the whole “water damage” excuse is a huge lie. I have been going back and forth trying to get my money back for a gift certificate I purchased for a family member. Not only did my relative loose out but so did I! Every year I receive a gift certificate to a REPUTABLE spa that I have been going to for years. Well this year I recommended that they purchase a gift certificate from Mest Spa because a friend highly suggested I visit. Well that was when it was owned by the first owner, not this horrible person who I’m sure has scammed a lot of other people out of their money besides me. Read below the emails of lies I received from the owner: 1. The water problem we had happened the morning or and we had to close immediately. The gift cards sold in the weeks previous to our water problem, we had no idea that our problem would occur. We would certainly not have sold gift cards if we had known we would have to closed for an extended period of time. Our current situation is that we are negotiating and waitng for other Spas in the area to accept Mesh gift certificates. Also, we have been talking to a couple of buyers who are intertested in the possible purchase of Mesh Spa. Because the current market conditons are very tough this negotiation… Read more »