St. Ann’s: Before the Mayhem!

Six Days of hot, sweaty St. Ann’s fun begins tonight

Standing in various event venues before they become overwhelmed with people, objects, noise and energy always intrigues me. Having attended the St. Ann’s (“You goin’ to the Feast?”) Italian Festival for 15 years, you automatically get the buzz of what’s it’s like at it’s peak – and recall many “flashbacks” from year’s past. Almost like a mental time-machine / slide-show in your head. I’ve probably stood in every square inch of this area multiple times over.

With that being said – I created a “retro” looking photograph to match those sentiments. Enjoy the “feast” and don’t pass out from heat exhaustion!

St. Anns Italian Festival Hoboken NJ July 21 2011 - St. Ann's: Before the Mayhem!

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