Hoboken Police & Fire Blotter: 7/22/2011

Hoboken crime and fire action: July 22, 2011

Hoboken Police and Fire Action Blotter 2011 Hoboken411 Friday under twenty - Hoboken Police & Fire Blotter: 7/22/2011

Crimes, Incidents, Fire Calls & Vehicular mishaps

  • 3:15am (7/23/2011): Motorcycle vs. Pedestrian
    A Harley Davidson motorcycle ridden by a Jersey City resident struck a pedestrian in front of The Spa Diner downtown. No major injuries reported. I wonder if the pedestrian heard it?
    3:30am Update: HPD reports it was the pedestrian that caused this accident… probably jaywalking…
  • 12:40am (7/23/2011): Exhausted Middle-aged woman passes out
    Near 221 Washington St., reports of a 49-year old female passing out from heat exhaustion. EMS en route. Someone tell the “cougars” that they need to take their Geritol and hydrate more before stalking unsuspecting drunk kids in Hoboken!
  • 12:15am (7/23/2011): Water Main Break
    More water main trouble on Grand St. between 13th & 14th. United Water en route. Really, United Water should set up permanent camp here in Hoboken, even with the massive property taxes.
    water main break hoboken 14th and Grand july 22 2011 - Hoboken Police & Fire Blotter: 7/22/2011
  • 12:00am (7/23/2011): Passed out in the street
    A 20-year old man is reportedly “passed out and unconscious” in the middle of the street at 1st & Washington. I guess no one carded him tonight!
  • 8:00pm: Downed Power Lines!
    On Hudson St. between 11th & 12th – it appears that the heat caused some down power lines (411 reader Chris suspects they melted). As of about 9:20pm, PSE&G still hasn’t arrived on scene – most likely due to problems all over NJ. Stay cool Hoboken!
    Downed power wires Hudson St Hoboken NJ July 22 2011 - Hoboken Police & Fire Blotter: 7/22/2011
  • 5:20am: More morning burglaries!
    Reports of a white male (grey tank-top) attempting to gain entrance to a building near 2nd & Adams Streets. HPD responded almost instantly, to find broken windows in the area. This was reported by a passing cab driver. Glad some people in our community are attentive!
  • 4:30am: Animal Invasion!
    A resident at 95 Willow Ave. contacted HPD because a SQUIRREL invaded her home and was inside a closet. Animal control was dispatched to the scene. You know it’s a big heat wave when even squirrels need air conditioning too.
    4:48am update: One furry actor in custody.
  • 3:30am: Home Invasion!
    A woman living near 6th & Willow phoned Hoboken Police saying an intruder had gained entrance to her first floor apartment. She was in the bedroom and reported that the man was in the living room. HPD responded lightning fast and apprehended the 27 year-old suspect – who happened live a block and a half away! Great work guys!

More updates to come!

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