ZenSpace – Hoboken, NJ – 7th & Adams (The Citadel Building)

(Note this was formerly called ZenTouch located at 702 Clinton, but moved to 450 7th Street and changed their name to ZenSpace.)

Description: “In a serene Zen setting, Ohashiatsu® bodywork sessions combine touch with deep energy healing to promote health and relieve stress. Feel energized yet relaxed while sessions help to ease both chronic and day to day fatigue and pain. Ask about our gift certificates and packages. Pre and post natal treatments also available.”
Address: 450 7th Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 417-8077
Email: info@zenspacestudios.com
Online: zentouch.orgTwitterFacebook

Original update from 2006 below.

12/19/2006 Update:

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When most Americans think of massage therapy, they usually think of widely-adopted western practices such as deep-tissue, shiatsu and swedish massages you can get most anywhere. Zen Touch is profoundly different than that. Owner Kristen Mangione is a certified Ohashiatsu practitioner who operates the only location like it in Hoboken.

Operating out of a street-level location at 702 Clinton Street, Zen Touch ZenSpace is a simple and calm treatment studio, with monochromatic, relaxing and unobtrusive decor.

Ohashiatsu is a unique form of bodywork that provides the satisfaction of touch along with a highly effective energy balancing. It is based on Eastern philosophy and healing which has been around for thousands of years, and adapted to meet the needs of the Western world. The sessions are done fully clothed, and flat on the floor, rather than on a massage table. This allows the practitioner to use weight and leverage in an effortless manner.

It’s often referred to as “Acupuncture without the needles.”

While Eastern practices are not as readily accepted as the more commonly known, Ohashiatsu still has a variety of benefits.

  • The concept of body, mind and spirity unity enables treatment of physical symptoms as well as enhancing emotional and psychological health.
  • Adverse emotional tension, known as stress, is more easily alleviated when body, mind and spirit are all engaged.
  • Each session is specific to the needs of the receiver, the practitioner adjusting the therapy to best sever a client’s health status at that particular time. It’s rarely the same from one session to another.
  • Treatment is focused on prevention rather than cure. Restoration of energetic balance helps the client become healthier and better able to resist illness.
  • And much more!

Kristen provides single treatments (for $85 per hour, plus 10 minutes before and after to acclimate) and discounted multi-session packages. Additionally, she offers full training courses, allowing you to become fully-certified to practice this yourself.

If you’re just interested to learn more about it, she gives FREE 90-minute introductory workshops every now and then. The next workshop is on January 16th (7-8:30pm at the Symposia Bookstore – 510 Washington Street). Other classes in 2007 will be March 26th and September 17th. Inquire to find out where.

She even has a special Valentines workshop for couples this coming February 10th and 11th. Each Valentines session is 4 hours long, and includes a complimentary wine & cheese tasting afterward.

Lastly, Ohashiatsu has been proven to help with infants for a variety of things, from physical ailments to emotional development. She has private 1 hour classes by appointment, which cost $45. Call 201-417-8077 to reserve or learn more about it.

Coming January 2007: Kristen has expanded her treatment offerings by bringing on a standard Certified Massage Therapist to provide traditional massage therapy. Contact her to find out more about the rates, methodologies and schedule!

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