Hoboken Police & Fire Blotter: 7/17/2011

Hoboken crime, fire & incident update: July 17, 2011

Various Hoboken incidents – Sunday, July 17, 2011. This post may be updated as necessary.

  • 10:25pm: Disorderly Traffic Dodger
    As if driving around double-parkers and potholes wasn’t enough – reports of a guy wandering in and out of traffic near 7th & Washington Streets. 2nd time today!
  • 9:40pm: McFight!
    Yawn, another fight at McDonald’s. And you thought that banning trans-fats would solve problems…
  • 9:35pm: Willow Terrace Assault
    Yikes! Another Hoboken spot with BAD KARMA! For the second time today, Willow Terrace is mentioned, as an assault is reported to be taking place inside an apartment on the northern end of this mini “Christmas Village.” Wonder what could be dragging this otherwise charming part of the neighborhood down?
  • 8:00pm: Wandering White Boy
    Concerned drivers called Hoboken Police because a “white male, gray sleeveless shirt” was wandering in the middle of the road in the SW portion of town (near Observer & Henderson). Maybe the guy just has a phobia of sidewalks?
  • 7:45pm: Another Hoboken apartment burglary
    A resident living on Park Ave. between 8th and 9th came home this evening to discover their top-floor apartment was burglarized. What happened to neighborhood watches?
  • 6:00pm: Mister Softee No No!
    Hoboken Police were sent to Columbus Park (on the 9th Street side) to advise the “summer staple” of town, the Mister Softee truck – to “not play his music unless he’s moving.” I suppose the happy sounds of a seasonal tradition are a bit too much for the neighborhood grumps.

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  • 4:40pm: More Pier C Pain!
    Boy, that Pier C Park has nothing but bad karma. Another injury today, this time an elderly person in the playground area. Condemn the damn thing already!
  • 3:50pm: Dog Bite!
    A person was supposedly bitten by a dog on Willow Terrace. Hoboken EMS en route. If that canine was a “hit-dog for hire,” he’d be fired – he bit the wrong person!
  • 1:10pm: Inappropriate Public Behavior
    Reports of two individuals in a stairway in a building on 2nd St. between Garden & Park – engaged in inappropriate public behavior (use your imagination – this is a family website).
  • 10:40am: Panic Attack Sunday
    The second panic attack requiring medical attention: A man outside near 3rd & Grand this time. AmCare out of Jersey City was dispatched to care for the guy since Hoboken EMS was busy. I hope it’s not something in the water!
  • 10:15am: Amazing, but true! Running car not stolen!
    A man near 10th & Willow called police to say that a parked car had been left running for two straight days! HPD confirmed that it was indeed left running, and got in touch with the woman, who lived about a block away. She was looking for a spare set of keys, since she locked hers in the running car. She had a quarter of a tank of gas left. Amazing!
  • 10:05am: ShopRite gets a boatload of various incidents!
    ShopRite is pretty amazing, they get bomb scares, car fires, shoplifting, car accidents and everything else under the sun (even Kim Kardashian!) Today’s flavor of the day at Hoboken’s biggest supermarket is: “47 year old woman suffering from panic attack outside.” EMS transported her to HUMC.

More updates to come…

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Any more details on the break in on Park Ave between 8th and 9th, that my block also?


Sorry bud, I’m gonna have to agree. Who wants to hear that music play over and over and over again? It’s like a nightmare! Maybe once, then chill.


mjf 474 not so much the music but the dam compresser sound worse than the music of all times after 10pm outside my bldg..what little kids are out at that time?[quote comment=”208813″]Sorry bud, I’m gonna have to agree. Who wants to hear that music play over and over and over again? It’s like a nightmare! Maybe once, then chill.[/quote]


I’m one of the grumps that is sick of the ice cream truck. After hearing it probably a million times already, it got old a LONG time ago!