The Lexington

3/29/2008 Update:


6/15/2007 Update:

Amazing progress they’re making on this project! Look what has been built only one month since the ground-breaking!


Missed the groundbreaking last week. Can’t win ’em all.

See news story below

The Lexington. Luxury apartment rentals. 10,000 square foot courtyard. Coming in 2008.
Location: 7th and Adams Street.

The Lexington Hoboken

From on 5/11/2007:

Who was that horseman in Hoboken?

Don’t be alarmed if you thought you saw Paul Revere a few hours ago in Hoboken.

A man dressed as the colonial patriot rode a horse down Adams Street around 11 a.m. today, shouting “The rentals are coming! the rentals are coming!”

The re-enactment was a play off the famous legend of Revere’s midnight ride and warning cry, “The British are coming!,” as he rode from Boston to Lexington, Mass., on the eve of the Revolutionary War.

Today, the spectacle celebrated the groundbreaking of the Lexington, a 48-unit luxury apartment building currently under construction at Adams and Seventh streets.

“We’re excited about the fact that we’re building high-end units in the center of town, and not on the water,” said Joseph Dell’Aquila, president of JDA Group, the developers building the site. “Many people can’t afford the waterfront and we’re giving them the same qualities and amenities.”

The Lexington will have a 10,000-square-foot courtyard in the middle of
the complex, which Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise, who was at the ceremony, praised.

“After a while, there will be a hundred more development projects like this in Hudson County and it’s nice that they gave open space a thought,” said DeGise.

Construction is underway and the units are scheduled to be available for rent in spring 2008.

Carly Baldwin

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