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9/18/2007 Question:

Seeing that there’s about two weeks left in the season, the race in the NL East, as well as the Wild Card is tight as a drum. Since we have lots of Phillies & Mets fans here, care to debate about what the outcome of the race will be?

Who will make it, who wont?


Sean, who runs wanted all fans of Philadelphia sports teams to be aware of the new Phillies Club he’s organized over at Mulligan’s Bar this season. This on top of his already established Eagles Club at the same place. I’ve added this link to the “Leisure — Sports” section of the Hoboken Directory here on 411. Any other clubs are also welcome to submit their home base as well (I know there is a Steelers Club somewhere too).

He writes:

phillies club 2007 - Philadelphia Phillies Club“I know you aren’t a big fan of Philadelphia teams, but maybe you could start something on Hoboken411 for those people who started fan clubs in town, with information and places they gather?

I’m running the Philadelphia Phillies Club of Hoboken, out of Mulligan’s bar. We have a Google group which we are encouraging people to sign up at:

We meet about once a week, the schedule announced on the Google group site. You can go to the bar anytime to watch the Phillies, because they will have every Phillies game available for the whole season. It’s a nice way to kick back, drink a few beers and meet some other Phillies fan from around town.



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What a sweet ending for the regular season. Can’t wait to see what happens in the playoffs – I hope the Phillies Club has room for a front-runner like me, I’ll definitely be at Mulligan’s for some of the playoffs.


Top of the 4th, 3-0 Phils, (w/an error for Dobbs that just cost us an out)… bottom 3rd, 7-1 Marlins. I’m biting my nails here!


[quote comment=”46025″]the odds of beating a team again after you’ve beaten them 8 times in a row are not high.[/quote]

False, though that’s a common misconception. If I flip a coin 10 times, and get heads 10 times in a row, what are the odds of getting a heads on the 11th flip? Answer: 1/2. Once an event is in the past, it has no effect on the present. This is different from saying, what are the odds I can flip a coin 11 times and get 11 heads in a row? (That’s 1/2,048).

Despite what happened yesterday, the Phillies are hot and the Mets are floundering. The Phillies have to be favored to win today, and if there is a one-game playoff (in Philly) they’ll be favored there too.

Of course anything can happen, which is why the whole thing’s so exciting. I’m hopeful. And yeah, Charlie Manuel is not the brightest bulb. I think his fan club in Philly is pretty small.


they really blew it today. i’m afraid they gave the mets new life. now they don’t have things in their own hands because if they don’t win tomorrow and have the mets lose, they’re not winning the one game playoff on monday. the odds of beating a team again after you’ve beaten them 8 times in a row are not high. plus i think pedro is pitching for the mets. …what the hell was the phillies mgr. thinking pitching his closer down 2 runs..that was stupid…wasted his arm.


I know, I’m so excited… I can’t believe this season!