Running Hoboken411 by yourself isn’t an easy task. I spend a lot of time each week doing many different things (research, design, technical, photographic and more) and find it very hard to dedicate a portion of my schedule doing “business” things, such as marketing and managing my books. I’ll eventually have formal help, and hope to get there one day soon.

Part of the research involves reading 100’s of other websites weekly. From technology, to local blogs, message boards and many others. I stumbled upon this week. It’s a site that has many features, especially for standard job seekers out there or kids fresh from college. Resume writing tips, investment strategies, and credit cards are amongst some of the “Ramblings” involving Career Development.

I found the “entrepreneurialism” section somewhat interesting because from time to time, I can use some straightforward reminders regarding what to do when you’re in business for yourself. However, it was a little light on content for existing businesses, and more geared towards “getting started”.

But in the end it seems to be a good resource for younger professionals that are new to the career scene. They’ve only been online since last November, and post about one entry a day. But I’m sure that in time, their site will will have a loyal following and plenty more content to peruse. Look at the growth 411 had in Hoboken. 10,000 comments in the first nine months, then up to 25,000 a little more than three months later!

Then again, 150 entries or updates a month is a LOT of content!

What I found compelling was that they were offering a backlink to this site if I reviewed it for them! Why not, see if it it works. I already get 40% of my daily traffic from Google, I might as well try to get even more visibility, right?

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