Remembering July 4, 2011

Another Independence Day chapter complete in Hoboken, NJ

Fireworks picture from Hoboken Vicky Benitez PhotographerJust wrapping up some loose ends here for the 2011 July 4th Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular that was enjoyed by thousands here on the Hoboken, NJ waterfront.

Hoboken411 reader Larry Modder sent in some nice shots from the evening that I never got around to using. Including the NYC Skyline – as well as the gorgeous sunset. Of course, some fireworks shots here and here. Nice work!

(Note to readers – the iPhone has a flaw where every attachment is named “photo.jpg” instead of sequentially numbering them. That means when I drag the email to my folders – there is usually another one like it there already, so I always have to rename the files… frustrating!)

Also, Photographer Vicky Benitez wanted to share her blog with readers – to showcase her photo skills and her vantage point of the fireworks this year. Her site is located at

NY Waterway Fireworks Cruise a big hit!

Finally, this year, we took a cruise on the NY Waterway to “mix things up.” While those who watched from the shores of Hoboken actually had a closer view – the Ferry ride was a fun experience. We sailed the Hudson, enjoyed a alternate vantage point (and a better view of Mother Nature’s beauty), and were able to drink ice-cold Corona’s without getting $2,000 tickets! I’d recommend trying the Ferry at least once!

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