Hoboken Week(s) in Review – 5/6/2007

hoboken-festival-high-shot-sm.JPGToday’s the big twice-annual Arts & Music Festival.

Skipped last week’s summary, so here are some highlights from the 75 entries of the past two weeks.

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News, items of importance:

Town Government:

  • Candidates Announced – Election is less than TWO days away. Catch up and vote on Tuesday.
  • Poll-riffic – Keep checking the unscientific reader poll about the council candidates.
  • Trolls – Try to invade the political discussion here, 411 does his best to squelch them.
  • Wrong! – Some people think this site was biased for the election candidates. Nope. Maybe the rest of the site has some slanted opinions, but not for the election!


  • Jubi-licious – Fundraiser is a success for the Jubilee center over at the Historical Museum. See long-time resident’s quality photos.
  • Milling around – Today’s arts and music festival tests the patience of those that are fast-paced walkers.
  • Wash. Rinse. Repeat. – Candidates Forums wasn’t as spectacular as anticipated as election hopefuls say much of what had already been said.
  • Wiley is old – But going strong as they celebrated 200 years in business.

New or Coming Soon:

  • Helmers – The scaffolding is down, and work seems nearly done. Wenn sie sich öffnen?
  • Doggie Hotel – Hoboken Unleashed takes over for the previous Graceland, and tries to make a new name for themselves.
  • Sleep Cheap (south) – Cramped furniture store nudges downtown by a few doors.
  • Beautifully less rich – The PSE&G bills must be really high for the new hair salon charging a lot for a blow dry.

Leaving Town:

  • Waterfront wasteland – Super location is apparently mismanaged and vacant. Less agita for frequenters of the riverside.
  • Less pigeon droppings – The much maligned Tonic Bar uptown is apparently closing it’s doors.
  • Oh Mama Mia! – A Hoboken resident’s new favorite Mexican restaurant on the outskirts of town closes for personal reasons.
  • D3O6N6E3 – I’m telling you it was the confusing signs that made this place close.


  • No recent reviews.

Fun, Games and Miscellaneous stuff:

Notable incidents, crimes, fires:

  • Working Fire – While renovating, pilot light engulfs brownstone on 8th St.
  • Last stop: Flaming corner – A City shuttle bus bursts into flames. Thank god no one ate chili that night.
  • In a Jamb – Odd how a window sill could start smoldering.

Recent Town Incidents:

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