Eerily Quiet Hudson River

Extremely unusual sight yesterday in Hoboken

Not sure how many of you were enjoying the Hudson River waterfront yesterday evening – but I immediately noticed something very unusual.

For about 45 minutes to an hour – from 7:45pm onward – the waterfront was practically SILENT. I observed this from the pier at Maxwell Place.

Not one single helicopter or plane, and maybe only two tiny sailboats in the distance (plus the NY Waterway once or twice). The water was calm, and surroundings were in fact peaceful. For a beautiful evening near a holiday weekend (with many tourists most likely still in NYC enjoying the sights) – it seemed odd.

At one point a large twin-prop airplane slowly circled the city twice – and made me wonder is it possible someone grounded all air traffic temporarily? And if so, why?

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I noticed this too last night. Very peculiar for a weekday evening. Maybe Mayor Bloomberg ordered it?