Reckless & Wild (R.A.W.)

Reckless & Raw to invade Maxwell’s in Hoboken

Several Hoboken residents are excited about Reckless & Wild coming to Maxwell’s (11th & Washington) on Wednesday, July 6th. So here’s a good reason you should attend and show support!

If you had to describe it, you’d think straight-ahead, honest, “Jersey-style” rock. Generally upbeat, not too heavy, with good lyrics and interesting instrumentation. You might not be able to think of a band to compare them to, but you’ll surely get the vibe of an early 80’s sound.

Reckless and Wild RAW plays Hoboken NJ Maxwells Bar

Who is Reckless & Raw?

“Reckless and Wild, a five piece band from Westfield, NJ, plays original rock music in a classic style with a modern twist. Songwriters John Cote and Ray Roberts pen upbeat tunes in a variety of rock genres. Whether an anthem, pop tune or love song, the music is always well-crafted, tuneful, and creatively orchestrated. The band knows how to keep the audience engaged.”

The band consists of: John Cote (guitars), Bill Cook (cello), Ray Roberts (guitars and violin), Ken Bigelow (bass) and David Crenshaw (drums).

They’re playing for the very affordable price of $7, and start at 9 pm, so even workaholics can get there on time. Oddly, a house music band named Spektrum is opening for them.

Here’s a sample of “Night Fever” (perfect considering what will happen tonight in Hoboken!)

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