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In addition to Body Balance moving from 79 Hudson Street to their new location at 20 Hudson Place (above the City Diner, next to Teak), they were lucky enough to get reviewed by Hoboken’s Furey, of

He was kind enough to contribute his recent glowing review to Hoboken411. “It’s a no-brainer. Body Balance is the lowest priced, best massage in Hoboken.

Body Balance Reviewed


hoboken-body-balance-massage-review.jpg“I decided to drop by Body Balance, located at their new location on 20 Hudson Place in Hoboken on Friday. I have been stressed out the last week, and recently recovered from a head cold. I needed some pampering, and to me, it’s important to indulge ourselves with relaxation, peace and tranquility in the form of a great massage.

In my quest to find inner peace, I have visited other spas in our city, and by far, Body Balance offers everything that I want: A great price, A wonderful experience and a professional atmosphere when getting a massage.

Body Balance’s no frills approach was started by Melissa Guido, originally from Maine, who settled into Hoboken during 1999, while working for Cooper Lighting. She left the corporate world in 2002, to follow her dream of being a business owner and do something that she, herself, enjoyed: massages. She went to massage school, and while doing so got her national certification to be a massage therapist. Melissa started her business out of her apartment on 12th and Garden, honing her skills and building a client base. Over the years, she expanded her business out of her house into an office, but kept to her business mantra of a relaxed, comfortable, homey atmosphere to enjoy a massage. Her low prices, which haven’t been raised in years, reflects her simple concept of keeping the body tuned with massage therapy and to encourage repeat business. She feels that a higher priced massage will force people to indulge themselves every once in a while for pleasure or when in pain, rather on a proactive, repeat basis.

I couldn’t agree more.

First, lets talk about the costs of a massage. Depending on where you go and the type of massage you want, the price can vary. Let’s not even compare New York City prices. I have found that Body Balance’s prices are the lowest in town, with rates (before taxes) starting at $45.00 for the first 30 minutes. One hour is $75.00. 1 and a half, $100. 2 hours is $130. Oh, and don’t forget – first time clients get a $10 discount off your first session of 60 minutes or longer!

As a rate of comparison, other facilities cost higher, up to $15 per session!

hoboken-body-balance-massage-review-2.jpgSecond, I’ll say that their new location is wonderful. They refurbished the entire business, with a clean, soothing decor coupled with multiple private rooms. Long-time Body Balance customers will remember the transition to 20 Hudson, when their office was located in the Hoboken Business Center, and mere curtains seperated each other during a massage! Those days are long past, and they have five private rooms, with only the sounds of the white noise generator and soft music filling the air, along with the dim lighting that compliments the surroundings.

Third, they offer any kind of massage you want. Traditional Swedish, Deep Tissue, Nuad Bo Rarn (which costs more, see website for details), Neuromuscular, Sport Massage – the list goes on and on. When I went in, the therapist and I discussed the type of massage I wanted, and if I had any areas of my body that needed attention. I wanted a sports massage, and asked the therapist to focus on a nagging achilles / hamstring issue in my left leg that started a few weeks ago while on the treadmill. I felt great afterwards and started up on the ellipticals this week, without any pain and plan to ease my way back into running shortly.

Lastly, lets talk about the people who work there. Like I wrote in the past, there are other establishments which take you for granted. Every time I have been to Body Balance, the massage therapists are excellent. The front desk employees are considerate. They have treated me great everytime I have been there, and that is multiple visits under my belt. The old adage “The Customer Is Our First Priority” certainly applies to Body Balance. Melissa trains each massage therapist on her staff to make sure her personal techniques are incorporated into a massage at Body Balance.

To me, it is a no-brainer. Body Balance is the lowest priced, best massage in Hoboken. Located at 20 Hudson, it’s literally across the street from the PATH (above the new City Diner), and convienent for most of Hoboken (Even with a $5 cab ride from uptown you would STILL save $10 per massage! – [411:not including ride back] ).

Description – “Reduce stress / Eliminate pain ~ Deep Tissue, Sport, Swedish, Nuad Bo Rarn, Neuromuscular, Yogic Neuromuscular, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Reiki, Prenatal, Medical ( $10 off first visit of 60 minutes or more)”
Website –
Address – 20 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – (201) 420-7277,(917) 670-7558
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Monday, June 22, 2009 9:37 am

After reading a bunch of reviews on here, I decided to try this place for a massage. I’ve been working out pretty hard the past few weeks and my body was sore from head to toe, especially in the back of my head, neck & shoulders.

I had a massage from Niya (1 hour $49) and it was without a doubt, the best massage I’ve ever had. First of all, the price can’t be beat. Good luck trying to find a really good, experienced masseuse for under $75 in Hoboken or Manhattan. Second, she knew exactly what she was doing. She seemed to hit every muscle, connective tissue & sore spot I had.

I was so happy with the massage, I ended up pre-paying for six more visits. I haven’t had neck or shoulder pain since then. Highly recommend this place.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 3:24 pm

I think you get it if you have never been there before automatically. You don’t need the coupon any more. LOL I’m wondering if I can change my last name. 😆

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 3:17 pm

[quote comment=”129341″]They are keeping there $49 massage for 1st time clients and and I think the rate’s have gotten cheaper with all the specials they are running. :D[/quote]

do you just call if you’re interested in this $49 rate?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 2:51 pm

They are keeping there $49 massage for 1st time clients and and I think the rate’s have gotten cheaper with all the specials they are running. 😀

Friday, December 19, 2008 11:02 am

Body Balance is under new ownership, Marlene & Rick Huet. Spoke to Rick 2 days ago (I told them to talk to 411, also).

They have a new special, $59 for 1 hour massage and $80 for 1.5 hour massage now until 1/3/09.

You can also buy massage packages at these new rates until 1/3/09. Existing clients can introduce friends, family & colleagues to Body Balance with the special new guest Holiday gift card – only $49 for a 1 hr session!

They will retain all the old staff. :mrgreen:

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