Water Cooler – 5/2/2007

hoboken voting booth may 8th - Water Cooler - 5/2/2007As 411 nearly approaches 25,000 comments, the selection mechanism for picking this list each week gets more and more random.

You might start by checking the new Rants and Raves entries got many comments in a hurry. See how people really feel, as well as give a big thumb up for!

Was slightly incommunicado this past weekend, and missed some good comments in the Hoboken Citizen Parking Authority entry, where a City Hall employee stresses how illegal it is to put the proposed HCPA notes on perpetual offending vehicles. He instead suggested that “law abiding citizens” should instead just write city hall with their issues. For one thing, it’s not an advertisement, it’s a notice that the city was notified and it actually gives the offender time to move it prior to ticket and tow. How about this suggestion: make a provision in the ordinance that allows citizen issued “law breaking” notices? How many times have YOU written our City Hall and gotten a response? This idea just gives it higher visibility, and as a result, more results. Oh, and that entry had a lot of nonsense regarding violent acts as a result of “touching” other people’s cars.

Since last Wednesday:

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Comments made: 1475
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Here’s a few others picked out of the barrel. Don’t forget to VOTE next Tuesday!

  • Real Estate – State of the Market
    Mel says: “Maybe if we figure out the edge of the flood zone we can quickly scoop up our McCondo because EVERYONE wants waterfront property!”
  • and…
    Lincoln78 says: “When they scoff that I live in Hoboken, I ask them what I’m missing out on by not specifically living on Manhattan island. The overcrowding? The “Culture”? The exorbitant rents? Usually that leaves ’em with a blank stare.”

  • Toll Brothers BBQ
    NickAdams says: “Actually, your housing choices are pretty limited at $650,000 too.”
  • Helmers Restaurant
    mcspacebar says: “I hope they open soon. great beer selection, and the food was pretty good too. The place needed a little sprucing up, so now it will be all spiffy new!”
  • Election mudslinging and trolls
    YipYap says: “I for one will be glad when the elections are over the internet mudslinging ends and we can get back to discussing the latest in Hoboken eateries, and the other more banal topics like which dry cleaner is the best and why we can’t have pedi-cabs.”
  • Flood Damage Assessment
    rag246 says: “My sneakers got wet and now they smell. That would make me “affected”, according to the list.”
  • Reader Mail: Another Caddy!
    whewwhewwhew says: “Nothing says DWI more than a guy in a suit on a bike…”

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007 10:53 pm

I am really not suprised that more pedestrians aren’t killed or seriously injured in Hoboken as they try to cross these streets. It seems that every driver here does not know what a stop sign looks like, or in fact, knows what to do when they approach one. The biggest offenders are those SUV drivers who think they own the road. 😡

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