Pita Grill renovations – again?

Why so many renovations at Hoboken’s Pita Grill?

Not sure what the deal is with Pita Grill (324 Washington St.)

I really want to root for them – but after hearing mixed reviews about everything they’ve ever touched (including their failed operation at Flacoz Tacoz and how Hudson Pizza Company fell in quality shortly after opening) – I wish I could help them even more.

Well, they’re renovating Pita Grill again – after going through a similar exercise quite recently. They expect to re-open by Sunday, and renovations include a lot of “sprucing up,” new floor, paint, awning, chairs and tables. I’m curious as to what warranted the additional work, as it didn’t seem necessary (was it the falafel invasion?) In my opinion, you can easily operate an “average” looking operation – as long as you have tasty food, nice, friendly, capable staff, plus conscientious management (a big key), you succeed no matter what.

I think a lot of places in town could use a lesson in “getting back to basics” over “style and appearance.” Just my $0.02. Any business owner can email Hoboken411 – for free advice from behind enemy lines.

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