Reader Mail: Shop Rite semi drivers

This installment is about the giant rigs bringing in that delicious food we so crave at the local Shop Rite supermarket. You thought driving a car or even SUV is tough in Hoboken? Try driving a tractor trailer, even in the “somewhat less” populated NW area of town.

A 411 reader writes:

Hoboken 411 –

I have some concerns about the Shop Rite delivery semis that use the truck route, especially as they turn down 9th from Monroe Street.

I’ve lived in Fields Crossing for 9 months and I’ve lost count of the number of wing mirrors I walk past on 9th Street out side the Talk of the Town video store – I’ve counted at least 20 and personally seen more 10 semis get trapped on that street.

Only this morning, I saw a couple arrive at their care to find the entire left side of their car with a scrap back to front on it and the roof nearly severed off on the front left hand side – the girl just sat at the side of the street and cried!!!!

Shop Rite should be held accountable! Put a camera up there to catch the drivers or ban parking on that street!!!

The car in question had already left before I had a chance to snap a photo (I guess to go to the shop!)

Here’s some general pictures of the street in question – the semis can never turn down the street or out the other end without hitting something. The street was quite quiet, but I’ll look out for some more evidence of damage – I’m sure it won’t be long!


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Forgot about the parked cars, 95% of the truck drivers can’t make that turn in one clean motion if the street is empty. It reminds me of Austin Powers doing the cart u-turn in the hall at Virtucon. Just check out the broken curb and tire marks all over the sidewalk.

Once that complex goes in, there will be major problems. They’ll need to widen street, use smaller trucks or even build a super tunnel to route 3. Maybe even airlift supplies into Shop Rite like a sub-saharan nation. Mayor Roberts could become a hoboken’s first war lord.


Cracker – I would think you would want smaller trucks driving by on that road. Don’t they wake you up all the time? I thought you lived in one of those little plywood condos over there on the hillside.

As for where people park – I have seen people who park blocks away from Shop Rite get all messed up b/c some idiot truck driver turned on the wrong road. The folks getting hit don’t necessarily park next to a loading dock (or even in sight of one).


Maybe you just can’t take living here.
If you don’t like it nobody is keeping you here, MOVE!


Not a lot of sympathy on this one. If you park en route to a loading dock, you end up interacting with trucks.

It’s a rough deal, but at least you can *see* this problem if you’re savvy. I noticed there are no “Area Floods” signs anywhere in Hoboken, but good luck if you accidentally park on a flood-prone street.


The people getting banged up are not all that close to the corner and most are parked legally. As for the lack of parking up there – that starts when the theater opens – no need to wait for more condos.