Hoboken Police & Fire Blotter: 7/1/2011

Hoboken crime and fire action: July 1st, 2011

An ongoing list of various noteworthy incidents, crimes and fire-calls throughout the day for Friday, July 1, 2011. This post may be updated and “bumped” periodically.

Crimes, Incidents, Fire Calls & Vehicular mishaps

  • 2:20am: Male Beater
    Jefferson St. between 11th & 12th “White Honda in the middle of the street – man beating up a woman…
  • 1:55am: CVS Touble
    Drunken transaction issues at the downtown pharmacy. Apparently a disorderly is giving a cashier a problem this morning….
  • 1:45am: Bacon Cheese Disorderly
    Disorderly at Johnny Rockets. Late night eateries have this problem.
  • 11:25pm: Hit & Dumb accident
    Over at 618 Willow Ave., a driver struck another vehicle and quickly left the scene. Little does this dope know that their bumper (and license plate) was left behind. Someone’s getting a few tickets and a court date in the mail very soon!
    Update: The female driver operated a silver Honda Accord and lives in Hoboken near 11th & Grand. Wah Wahhh!
    Update 2: Two parked cars were hit.
  • 10:30pm: Gassy Disturbance
    “Jumping Jack Ass it’s a Gas, Gas, Gas…” at the Gaslight at 4th & Adams. HPD en route for a nincompoop who drank too much and is causing trouble.
  • 10:10pm: Bomb Squad
    HPD and Jersey City Bomb Squad out near Shoprite at 11th & Madison investigating a suspicious liquid. No it wasn’t Kim Kardashian’s makeup bag.

  • 9:55pm: “Woman Down”
    HPD and EMS were sent to the area near the liquor store at 3rd & Jackson for a “woman down.” I’m sure the locale is just a coincidence.
  • 9:10pm: Drunk troublemaker, repeat
    The disorderly drunk didn’t heed the verbal warning he was issued, and HPD is back up to 11th & Washington. This time he’s acting up again, throwing garbage in the street, etc. Those who bet “yes” win!
  • 8:50pm: Drunken whack-job at it again
    Remember that inebriated wandering lunatic from June 25th? Well, he’s causing trouble again on Washington St. between 10th & 12th. Hollering at people, darting in and out of traffic, and lunging at passerby. HPD Vice Squad ran into him and said he “was a bit under the weather” and sent him on his way (for now.) 5 to 4 odds he’ll be back on the blotter tonight.

More updates to come!

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Makes me soooo proud to live here knowing that I am safe……Maybe Hoboken should instill some of the policies from the late 80’s that Ft. Lauderdale did for Spring Breaker’s…