Reporter Roundup – 4/30/2007

suggestion box shredder - Reporter Roundup - 4/30/2007Continuing the ongoing series, here are some highlights from the 4/29/2007 edition of our local paper, The Hoboken Reporter.

Today’s installment was graciously donated by new 411 guest contributor: “Hoboken Interloper”.

He’s a long time Hoboken resident, and no stranger to the local goings-on in the City.

Here’s his take on this weeks edition:


It’s “Politicspalooza” this week in the Hoboken Reporter. There are no less than 15 political ads from 12 candidates in this week’s edition. Beth Mason alone has 3 ads in this week’s edition. This is expected as we creep closer to “e-day”. What’s the over/under on next weeks paper?

The Hoboken Democratic Party paid for a hitjob ad on Brian Stack and Michael Russo. Seems they think that Stack has been a big meanie to Bernie Kenny and, in case you didn’t know, Michael Russo’s dad was really corrupt and owes Hoboken a lot of money.

Frank Raia has a full page ad claiming that Michael Russo wants to take our ShopRite away, more on that later.

Ron Rosenberg, showing that he’s his own man, is going with the HDC’s “Russo’s dad is corrupt” theme as well. Of course it’s a little tougher because his opponent is merely a cousin of Russo’s but apparently it is Castellano’s fault that Anthony Russo hasn’t paid back $350,000 to Hoboken yet. Rosenberg pledges to make Tony pay with his money quote at the top being “I will make Anthony Russo repay the $350,000 he stole from Hoboken. My opponent, his cousin, will not.” No word on how he plans to deal with minor issues like balancing the city budget and rising city employee costs.

Peter Cunningham has a family and likes to show family pictures. Chris Campos likes kids too.

Perry Belfiore’s ad made me doze off. He was saying something about over-development but I have developed an immunity to Hoboken politicians talking “tough” about developers.

Nino Giacchi
spends his ad money on a gossip column informing us that ARod may move to Hoboken and apparently Nino’s wife approves of Nino.

In Other News

Michael Russo is upset about Frank Raia’s claim that he wants to take away the ShopRite. He’s not even sure how he COULD get rid of the ShopRite. When Pupie was asked about the flyer that said that Russo is threatening the ShopRite he responded..” “I think that’s your opinion. I can’t control what’s in your head.”. Clearly Pupie has been taking notes from Tony Snow. Teresa Castellano lets the cat of the bag regarding Raia “”Mr. Rosenberg and Mr. Kurta are running a political campaign financed by Mr. Raia, an admitted developer,”. Ewww, an admitted developer? It’s one thing to be a convicted felon or a booze hound. But a developer? Have we no standards?

Apparently Mr. Roberts has hired a new shyster, Steven Kleinman, to be the city’s new corporate counsel (411 reported this back on 3/28/2007). And Mr. Kleinman didn’t waste anytime and immediately went into Alberto Gonzales mode and rejected a recent verbal resolution terminating all legal and engineering contracts. The resolution was probably in response to the fact that the the city is over $100,000 overbudget on legal fees to be paid to Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe. Kleinman doesn’t say why it isn’t valid just that it is.

Sal Vega claims that the North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue was going to create a new position for Brian Stack where he would be paid $75,000 a year as a part time executive director for education. Mr. Stack claims he was never interested in the job and that Vega was just grandstanding. In a typical Hudson County “coincidence” North Bergen decided that the position wasn’t, in fact, needed and eliminated it.

There will be some candidate forums this week. On April 30th the 2nd, 5th, and 6th Ward candidates will be available at St. Matthew Parish Hall at 57 8th St from 7 to 9:15. On May 1st the 1st, 3rd, and 4th Wards will be available at the Multi Service Center on 124 Grand St. from 7:30 to 9:30.

Go watch the candidates avoid answering questions!

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