Hoboken Citizen Parking Authority

Time to take action. With the advent of recent “dead cars”, such as the one Cadillac with the flat, or the other Cadillac that’s been sitting dead on the sidewalk for years, here’s another step we can collectively take as residents of this fine City.

Citizen issued parking violation notices.

What to do if you see a similar situation:

  1. Download this PDF file.
  2. Fill out both forms.
  3. Tear on the dotted line. Attach one on the offending vehicle. Mail the other half to:
      Hoboken Citizen Parking Authority
      Attn: Mayor Dave Roberts
      94 Washington St.
      Hoboken, NJ 07030

That’s it! Hopefully, if the Mayor receives enough of these, some kind of action will take place. Additionally, if you have supporting photos, you can send them here, or even to the Mayor as well. Not sure if this can be used for other circumstances, but use your imagination.

Here’s a classic Beatles song that puts me in a good mood and supports this concept.

hcpa screenshot - Hoboken Citizen Parking Authority

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ugly old white cadillac park on 4th and adams blantly parked blocking the cross walk….told the guy as he was getting out to look out, i have gotten tickets parked there before…he just smiled/laughed

he has what looks like a homemade Hoboken B.O.E. sign in his front window….”Sinatra Forever” on the windshield…just a hunch, but might be a b&r?!?!?!?!



Escape “parking problems are nothing new in hoboken,one of the reasons I left in 68 was lack of parking and it seems even worse now. ***It doesn’t get any better unless you move to the suburbs”. For someone that left and thinks the suburbs are so much better, why are you reading Hoboken411? Sounds like you miss it here? Maybe the suburbs aren’t so great afterall?


There’s a HFD explorer or whatever parked on Garden, at the corner of first, on the corner/crosswalk. However, it’s at least on the side that doesn’t obstruct traffic.


Since I neither own a car or have a driver’s license, I’ve never parked illegally. Since I don’t see well I’m not suicidal enough to jay walk. I could go first.

The cars in the cross walks and blocking my already limited view are the ones that tick me off. As those violations are safety violations.


[quote comment=”24047″]

wow, maybe you a should look into finding a partner of some sorts. don’t get me wrong I think it’s BS people who park illegally and it ticks me off but my life is way too busy and my time way too valuable to deal with ticketing cars myself. i have a garage so i don’t have to deal with this crap. but I would bust someone up if i caught them giving me a ‘citizens ticket’.

Oh poor potatochip.
I too have a partner, & a garage to park in.
I hope someone does give you citizen’s ticket, and I hope you go away to prison for assault after “busting them up”
you obviously have some deeper issues that need to be adressed.
there is a lot of anger in most of your posts.
perhaps consider therapy before you someday snap, and end up in the “Big House”.