Campaign Signs

6/5/2007 Primary Day:

This will most certainly be gone by the time you walk by it, but a 411 reader sent this picture of a big “F-U Mayor Roberts” sign that a member of the Brian Stack team stuck on a tree right in front of City Hall! The nerve of them!


6/1/2007 Update:

I had earlier posted about Nino Giacchi’s signs on NJ Transit bus stops.

I love this one, for Jimmy Farina, who is running for County Clerk.
Some angry citizen vandalized the sign, crossed off “CL” and replaced with “J”.

Can you imagine the announcement?: “We proudly present Jim Farina, running for ‘County Jerk’!”


Below, see some of the other wacky privileges that took place during the main election last month.

5/8/2007 Additions:

Here’s a couple tidbits from late yesterday and early today:

One reader wrote in this morning around 7:00am saying:

Lots of cops outside Russo social club

There was a kid taking down Russo signs illegally nailed to telephone posts when a bunch of guys ran out of their club and started yelling, grabbing his shirt and pushing him. Somebody must have called the police because there are three cop cars down there right now.

And a few readers sent in Tremitiedi pix again, one of his “kids fire helmets” was left behind at the park, and another of his pickup again illegally parked.


5/7/2007 Update:

A reader sent this in, saying the Tremitiedi campaign was violating city ordinances by placing these on vehicles.

Tremitiedi Hoboken Ordinance violation

Was originally going to put these up in the particular ward pages, but decided it’s better to have a separate section.

Today’s installment is some signs for Richard “uh, danks for having me!” Tremitiedi’s campaign in the second ward. Readers have mentioned that the pickup truck hasn’t moved in over a week, even though it’s not supposed to be there for more than 24 hours. It’s also parked too close to an intersection, as well as some other cars.

Send your other campaign advertising observations in!


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I believe she is retired. I wonder if all retired people do nothing but complain? Jeez, no wonder my family is full of people who at least work part-time until the point where they can’t work any more. Retirement must suck if it makes you this bitter…….


She lost all credibility already because she never answers the questions presented to her.


[quote comment=”77596″]Jeez Margaret who in your family did Marsh refuse to hire?

And Margaret how do you explain Hoboken High being ranked 260 out of 316 NJ Public High Schools?[/quote]

She has yet to do anything but complain. Every time she is asked what she would do, she says nothing. All she cares about is that she isn’t enough of an insider to get her family jobs in the nepotistic organization that educates the children of Hoboken.


Jeez Margaret who in your family did Marsh refuse to hire?

And Margaret how do you explain Hoboken High being ranked 260 out of 316 NJ Public High Schools?


Carol MARSH No way..backed the wrong horse, then jumped in the fray to tell the voters who to vote for on the BOARD OF ED. Kids first is only about POLITICS FIRST…the real PEOPLE are 1 and 5 6….Look at their pictures of their kids they put on the line for educations IN OUR SYSTEM, and will work hard to see that they and their classmates get an EDUCATION!