Poorly synched traffic lights

No improvements to traffic on Hudson Street in Hoboken

Residents still keep emailing saying that the traffic on Hudson is still poorly synched and backed up at all hours of the day.

Maybe Hudson County should get involved, seeing the city isn’t doing much about it.

Traffic backup on Hudson Street in Hoboken NJ

Update: Hudson Street still a logjam nightmare uptown

2/10/2012 update:

Hoboken411 published this story last summer – documenting the real problems with traffic backups due to poorly timed signals (see below.)

And now, with that new traffic light at 13th Street – this problem could very well get even worse. I can also imagine as the final pieces of the Maxwell Place project are built (years of construction mess) and occupied (families, stores, shoppers) – something proactive ought to be done?

Resident Chris sent this note in this week, further confirming that we have a problem, Houston Hoboken:

“I live between 11th and 12th and the problem has been horrible. Particularly around 8am and between 5 and 6pm. The noise from people honking their horns is horrendous. Traffic is backed up for blocks. Has our esteemed traffic czar even looked into this issue?”

Poorly Synched Traffic Light 11th and Hudson Hoboken NJ

Long traffic light backups at certain spots in Hoboken


A properly designed traffic light grid in a city allows for cars to flow from point to point with no log-jams. In some cases, the timing needs to be adjusted to correct ongoing backups.

Take the light at 11th & Hudson / Sinatra. It’s a bit more complicated than a typical 2-way intersection, but still isn’t rocket science. No matter what – during the evening rush hour, Sinatra Drive backs up far – sometimes as far back as the skate park. That can be corrected by lengthening the green signal from 5-8pm, and on busy weekend nights. It is funny to see angry drivers 20 cars behind blow their horns – like that makes a difference.

But recently, the log jam has taken place on Hudson Street going southbound. On a quiet summer weekend, cars were backed up almost to 13th Street. That shouldn’t happen with relatively low volume – so the green signal should definitely be increased. This was causing bad gridlock near 12th & Hudson this past weekend.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012 8:33 am

Your logic may work fine if you’re driving in your own car, but won’t necessarily help for buses. Bus routes do not have control as to where stops are to be made or how many passengers board or are discharged at any given stop.

Friday, February 10, 2012 2:33 pm

The light on the corner of 12th and Hudson by Starbucks actually changes twice a fast as the light on 11th and Hudson. Two times for every one time the light on 11th and Hudson. Cars back up in all directions by 12th and Hudson, because of this. What I have been doing is cutting down by Kings and around the waterfront, right onto Sinatra and I make a left back onto Hudson. I beat the other cars stuck by 12th and Hudson every time.

Friday, February 10, 2012 2:01 pm

Jose Sieira, Director of Hudson County Traffic Engineering is the person who you need to talk to regarding these signals, since Hudson Street (County Road 679) is under the County’s jurisdiction.

Friday, February 10, 2012 2:36 pm

Possibly the most beneficial ‘sync’ initiative would be to sync Washington Street lights with bus traffic. Think of all the time and energy wasted when buses have to stop at a red light just before the bus stop, then start and stop again to reach the stop. Pattern repeats every other light.. Newer technology called ‘transit signal priority’ enables traffic lights to adapt to public bus traffic (similar to the way city traffic signals turn green for emergency vehicles). Results: shorter commute times, cleaner air, lower fuel consumption, happier commuters. Maybe NJ Transit would be interested in co/funding a project..

Monday, July 4, 2011 5:27 pm

…not to flog a dead horse, but I’m surprised nobody mentioned the sync problem at the funnel that is Monroe, Observer Highway, and Paterson to leave town. if the light at Newark/Monroe (the beer distributor) was 8-10 more seconds in favor for Monroe st (since all the 3 aforementioned streets collide into Monroe), people wouldn’t pile up for minutes on end waiting for the light at Newark/Monroe to change. HPD tried to alleviate blocking-the-boxers by leaving a cop parked for hours and ticket offenders. Great, but if the lights were setup properly, Woody wouldn’t have gone to the police, and this would have never happened.

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