Election mudslinging and trolls

Just an FYI here for the readers that care about the upcoming election on May 8th.

Be careful in regards to what you read here in the comments section. On top of the mudslinging that already happens between candidates, there is a growing surge in people signing up with multiple email accounts in an attempt to bad-mouth candidates.

As difficult as it is, I’m trying my best to keep this in check. For example, in the last 48 hours alone, one person has attempted to gain access with EIGHT different email addresses, in an apparent effort to attack Fourth Ward Candidate Dawn Zimmer. Using usernames as “Not4dawnzimmer”, “DawnZimmerAntiChrist”, “HobokenNot4Zimmer” and a few others. It seems logical that it may be from an opponents camp.

411 has been very open and commenters have been reasonable for the most part. I do not want to have to prevent people with free email addresses such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or AOL from signing up, but if this continues, I may have to temporarily restrict new user sign ups, or at least manually approve them before they’re used.

At the very least, if I see different user accounts coming from the same IP address, I will not hesitate to ban and delete all comments they’ve made.

I don’t care if you have an opinion one way or another about a candidate. Just keep it to ONE account, and stop trying to be a troll!


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I mean “council” – I deal w/ too many damn lawyers….ha ha


Even if he “cleaned up” public housing, he has been completely corrupt the entire time he was on the city counsel. That alone should cost him his seat representing the 4th ward. He is 100% beholden to the developers and is getting us nothing in terms of givebacks. Just look at what our neighbors to the north got. We get a stinky park over at the Shop Rite and a vacant lot that sometime in the next 100 years will be a community center (with our town’s history – it will be a tent w/ an inflatable kiddy pool inside), and they get a $14mm sports complex. He should be sued for incompetence!


[quote comment=”46183″]Chris Camps has done a lot of work cleaning up the Housing Authority and ending the corruption there. He helped to create a lot of affordable housing, too.

Chris sponsored the curfew law. He also did a lot to pave the streets and get more lights (i know it’s not sexy, but its important for a councilman)

Chris Campos also helped create playgrounds for the children and places for families to enjoy and barbeque.[/quote]

Oh…cleaned up the Housing Authority and provided ‘affordable housing’ so that people who earn well above the threshold of qualifying can enjoy low rents and laugh at the rest of us?

If he’s such a fan of affordable housing…why is he in the pocket of so many luxury developers?


I have an uncle, who was a cop in the Cape May area. ABout 10 years ago, he got nabbed for DUI and lost his job after 20 years on the force. Yeah, what an ass right? He’s not high on my list of favorite people anyway. Again it goes to the character of Campos for not following the rules.

Campos, an attorney *and* City Council member of all things, knows better.

So please, spare me the inevitable song and dance routine which is going to come along with any sort of explanation.

There is no excuse for it, and he should have to live with the consequences of being an idiot.

strand tramp
strand tramp

come on ChokesonNuts…let’s hear you defend the DUI. let’s hear how a drunk driver who tries to use his position to weasel out of breaking the law…and a damned lawyer at that! come on! speak up !!