The Ethics of Stealing a Hoboken Bike

Dumpy Bikes litter the streets of Hoboken

Snapped this photo of a busted bike chained to a pole along Hudson Street the other day. It looked quite sad missing tires, and wondered if it belonged to anyone.

Video: The Ethics of Stealing a Bike

This otherwise run of the mill photo then reminded me of this most fantastic video from Casey Neistat called “The Ethics of Stealing a Bike.”

Casey says: “It’s never OK to take somebody’s bike, it’s always OK to take nobody’s bike.”

Sheer brilliance in my opinion!

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yeah the whole purpose of the video was to explain which bikes are ok to steal and which aren’t? Well what makes that last bike nobody’s? it had a $100 kryptonite NYC lock on it. This guy is an asshole, no 2 ways around it.